Amber never believed in the supernatural things that her grandfather had believed in. She had always thought her grandfather was crazy. But she meets Niall Horan who is one of the five boys from One Direction. Amber suspects that Niall has been hiding a secret from her and determined to find out, she follows him to his home. An abandoned mansion. She soon finds out about the boys' secret and believes they're as crazy as her grandfather. 3 years later, Amber is out of high school and runs into Niall once again. Their love for each other re-kindles, but she is left with the decision to stay human or become one of them.

*Disclaimer: The boys are not human... not in this story at least.


7. Therapy

I made my way back toward the staircase. "Amber!" I heard Niall call out my name from behind me. As soon as I reached the bottom of the staircase, he was there. "Amber, let me explain." he said, blocking me from trying to get to the door. "Niall, please move." I said, but of course, he didn't budge.

I turned around to see that Derek had stepped out into the foyer. "Can you give me a ride home?" I asked him. Derek nodded, and then looked at Niall. "Amber, I don't want you to leave." Niall said. There were tears in his eyes and I knew I had hurt him, but it was for the best. Niall stood aside as I opened the door and Derek followed me out to his car.

We got in the car and drove back down the street away from the house. "How long did you two know each other?" Derek asked while on the way to Kate's house. "We met in high school. We dated for two months, but we were friends before we dated." I said.

"I feel bad for not telling you about Niall staying at my house. I allowed for him to stay here while my parents are away. He'll be gone by the time summer ends." Derek said. "He's going to the college with me in New York."

"That's okay." I said.

After that, the car ride became silent and I enjoyed that for the time being. Once he parked in front of Kate's house, I thanked him. "Do you want to hang out some time?" he asked.

I nodded, "I'd like that." I gave him my number before getting out of the car and waved as I watched him drive away. I turned back around and entered the house. I took off my shoes and headed upstairs, then walked directly into the room. I plopped down onto the bed and let out a sigh. "Sounds like you had a rough night."

I sat up and saw Kate in the doorway with a bag of marshmallows, a bar of Hershey's chocolate, and a box of graham crackers. "How are we going to make smores if the chocolate's not melted?" I asked her as she grinned, then sat on the floor. "You've been spending way too much time away from home." she said as I joined her on the floor.

"Where did you go? I didn't see you at the party."

I shrugged while making my smore. "I met this guy." I said, then took a bite. It had been a while since I've eaten a smore with Kate. "Is he cute?" she asked. I nodded, swallowing my bite. "Very. He's really sweet, blue eyed, and tall."

"What's his name?"


"Ah, the NYU guy." she smiled, taking a bite of her smore. I looked at her, a bit confused. "You know him?" She shrugged, "I went to NYU for two years and we sort of had a thing, but it didn't really go anywhere so I moved back here last year and met Jesse. Derek is good for you Amber. You need to put yourself out there, and by speaking of putting yourself out there, we still have to go shopping tomorrow. Maybe you can invite Derek to come with."

"No, wouldn't that be... awkward between you two?" I asked.

"He and I are good friends. Nothing more, nothing less. Trust me on this one." she smiled.

The next day, Kate and I arrived at the mall. We began to walk around and entered one of the stores. I saw Derek browsing through one of the clothing racks. "Hey." I smiled as I walked up to him. "Hey." he smiled. "I'm not surprised that you'd be here and with... is that Kate?" He motioned to Kate who waved towards our direction.

He waved back as I nodded. "Yes, that would be Kate." I said, looking through the rack. "Didn't know you were friends with her." he said. I shrugged, moving onto another rack. "We're more like sisters than friends. I'm staying with her for the summer before college starts up again." I said.

"Is there anyway we can be alone?" he asked.

"Kate knows this mall like the back of her hand. I doubt we can escape her here." I said.

"What are you two going on about?" Kate asked, walking up to us. Derek and I looked at each other, then back at her. One of her eyebrows were raised and I knew she wouldn't stop asking until she got her answer. "There's a bonfire tonight, and I was just inviting Amber to come with me." Derek said, looking at me.

His eyes were so inviting and there was a familiarity about them, but I pushed the thought into the back of my mind. "I would love to go with you." I smiled and a smile spread across his face. "Good. I'll pick you up tonight at Kate's house around five. See you then." He winked and then walked out of the store.

"Now I have a reason to be in here." I said, looking for a dress to wear to the bonfire. "Wear something that'll bring out your eyes." Kate said, looking through the rack with me. "He likes you if you haven't noticed all ready." she added.


"You heard me. The way he looks at you, acts around you. It's way different than the way he acted around me." She pulled out a white dress and I just stared at her. "Yeah, not for this occassion. How about purple?" she asked, holding up a dress against me. "Perfect." She grabbed my hand and led me towards the dressing room.

Later that evening, the door bell rang and I went downstairs. I quickly checked myself in the mirror before opening the door. "Wow." Derek said as his eyes fell upon me. I looked down, then back up at him. "Is something wrong?" I asked him. He shook his head, "No, no. You look amazing... beautiful even."

I blushed, "Thanks."

"Ready to go?" he asked. I nodded as he held out his hand I took it. He led me out to his car, and then we got in. We arrived at the beach and we got out. "I hope you don't mind if a few of my friends are here." he said as we began to walk on the beach towards the area where the bonfire was being set up.

As we walked closer, I could easily point out five guys. I saw that Kate and Ashley were there with their boyfriends; also, a few more girls were there too. One of the five guys was Niall and I had to fight the urge to turn back towards the car. "Glad you could join us Amber." Ashley smiled.

Kate patted an empty seat beside her and I sat down. "Did you know..." I trailed off, looking in the direction of Niall and the other four. She shook her head, "I wish I did." she whispered. Derek had gone over to talk to Niall while I was left mingling with the other girls that were there. Their names were: Mikayla, Erin, and Sara.

"The blonde one is cute." Sara said, glancing over her shoulder at Niall.

"I like the curly haired one." Mikayla said.

"The guy he's talking with is hot." Erin said.

"I'm not interested in them." I said as the girls turned their heads, looking towards my direction. "Why not?" Sara asked. I just shrugged and told them I was interested in someone else. Derek walked back over with two beers and handed me one, sitting down next to me. "Seems like you're bonding really well with the girls." he smiled. "Want to take a walk?"

Niall's POV.

I watched Amber and Derek get up from their seats, then walk along the shore line. She looked like she was having a blast being with Derek. "If you still love her, why'd you let her go?" Zayn asked me as I shrugged, placing my hands into my pockets. I didn't really know how to answer that actually. "I guess it's better for us this way." I said.

"Hey guys, do you want to roast marshmallows with us?" Mikayla asked us.

"Sure!" Louis smiled.

"You coming Niall?" Liam asked. I shook my head, politely declining as I watched the guys walked away with the three girls. I walked near the shore line and sat down, watching the sun begin to set. "Is this seat taken?" I heard a voice next to me as I looked up to see it was Kate. I shook my head as she sat down beside me.

"Everything okay?" she asked.

When I didn't answer, she placed a hand on my shoulder. "She still loves you Niall." she said. I looked at her, "You think so?" She nodded, "Look, after what has happened to her in the past, of course it's hard for her to get over it. Sure it's going to be difficult for her to forgive you and the guys for the incident at prom. Eventually, she'll just have to deal with it. She and Derek may be close now, but when she leaves to go to college, he'll only be a summer fling to her. Her heart truly belongs to you."

Amber's POV.

Everyone soon began to leave, but Niall and the guys were still there. "Should I take you home?" Derek asked me. My attention was still directed towards Niall. I turned to Derek and smiled, "I'd like that. Thank you." We walked back to his car and got in. "Thanks for taking me out tonight. I really needed it." I looked at him once began to drive down the street.

"I'm just glad you had fun." he said.

"I had fun just being with you."

He parked the car in front of the house. Neither of us spoke a word; neither of us wanted to say good bye. We looked at each other for a moment, and then there was a split second where it felt like something connected us. A wave rushed over us, overwhelmed us. We found ourselves leaning towards each other and then we shared a kiss.

After a minute, we pulled away to catch our breath. "Good night." Derek smiled.

"Night." I smiled. "Thank you again Derek. I had a great time." I kissed him on the cheek, then got out of the car and watched him drive away. I went back into the house, then leaned against the door. I found myself smiling like a fool, but it was good. "I know that smile anywhere." Kate emerged from the kitchen with a mug in her hand. "What smile?" I asked her, trying my best to hide it but it was impossible.

"That one." she smiled. "He kissed you, didn't he?"

I couldn't help but nod and continue to smile. There was something about Derek that made my heart pound against my chest. His eyes were welcoming, they were kind. His voice was calm. That night I went to bed and for once in three years, I slept through an entire night without having any nightmares. For some reason, Derek was almost like... therapy.

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