Amber never believed in the supernatural things that her grandfather had believed in. She had always thought her grandfather was crazy. But she meets Niall Horan who is one of the five boys from One Direction. Amber suspects that Niall has been hiding a secret from her and determined to find out, she follows him to his home. An abandoned mansion. She soon finds out about the boys' secret and believes they're as crazy as her grandfather. 3 years later, Amber is out of high school and runs into Niall once again. Their love for each other re-kindles, but she is left with the decision to stay human or become one of them.

*Disclaimer: The boys are not human... not in this story at least.


3. Secret's Out

Amber's POV.

The first day of Winter Break and I all ready invited a guy over to my house. "You have a beautiful home." Niall smiled as we entered through the front door. "Thanks. I live here with my grandfather." I told him, shutting the door behind us. "Amber, is that you?" My grandfather asked.

"Yes it's me." I called out to him.

Niall and I entered the living room where my grandfather was seated on the couch watching some tv. "Who's your friend?" he asked. I looked at Niall, then at my grandfather. "This is Niall Horan. He goes to my school. He's new to the school, so I showed him around." I answered.

"Nice to meet you sir." Niall held out his hand as my grandfather shook it. "You're a kind young man." My grandfather smiled as they pulled away from the handshake. "Well, my parents have always told me to watch my manners. I learn a lot from them." Niall said.

"You are welcome here any time." My grandfather said.

Niall smiled, "Thank you sir. It was nice meeting you."

Niall and I headed upstairs into my bedroom. I closed the door behind us and sat down on my bed as I pulled out my laptop. "My grandfather seems to take an interest in you." I said, turning on the laptop and opening up a new document. "Why do you think so?" he asked.

I shrugged, "He usually doesn't like it when I talk to the boys at school." Well, in all honesty, my grandfather didn't like half the boys I dated. It was understandable that my grandfather was protective of me, and my parents too when they were still alive. "So, what am I?" He raised an eyebrow.

"You're a friend and you clearly don't want anything from me." I said. "Enough of that. What do you know about vampires? I mean, from what my grandfather tells me, it seems like a bunch of nonsense to me."

"What does he tell you?"

"Well, pretty much what you've told me. Is there something I don't know about vampires that I should know?"

"Vampires can't pro-create."

I nodded slowly, "So basically they have sex whenever they want?"

"Vampires can be stressed out and need to relieve themselves. I guess you can assume they have sex, maybe not whenever they want."

"It seems like you know more about vampires than my grandfather does. He won't like that one bit." I smirked, and then began to work on the project. While I was busy typing up all the information, Niall was telling me stories about himsef and also the stuff about the vampires.

"What brings you here?" I asked.

"Just tired of seeing the same things. Most cities are the same, and it's nice to be in a city where everyone knows each other. I've never had many friends where I was from."

I looked up from my laptop to see him look down at his hands. He was sitting on the edge of my bed, but from my angle, he looked like a god. I stopped typing and moved over next to him. "Well, you don't have to worry about that now. You'll have plenty of friends here." I smiled, reaching out to touch his hand.

He looked at our hands, then at me. "It's more complicated than that." he said, getting up from the bed.

"At least tell me." I said. I was worried about him. One moment we were having fun and the next, it resulted in this. I didn't want him to leave like this. "You wouldn't understand." His back was turned towards me as he looked out the window.

"Then help me to understand." I got up from my bed and walked over to him. "As your friend, tell me." He looked at me and I was suddenly lost in his blue eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow. I have to go." He grabbed his stuff and walked out of my room, leaving me dazed and confused.

Something wasn't right. He was keeping something from me and I had to find out. I grabbed my bag and took the keys. I told my grandfather that I was going out and would be back before nine. Niall was halfway down the street by the time I got in my car.

He was driving like he was in a hurry to get somewhere. I maintained a safe distance while following him away from all the civilization and towards an abandoned mansion. I parked far enough so that he wouldn't be able to see my car as I turned off the headlights.

He looked around, entered the mansion and closed the door behind him. I got out of my car and walked up to the mansion. I was a bit scared to be there, but I was determined to find out what Niall was keeping from me. I entered the mansion and was surprised that the door didn't make the loud creaking noise.

Inside, the mansion was beautiful which made it deceiving if seen from the outside. There was a long stairway to my right and a large living room to my left. I looked up to see a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling with hundreds, maybe thousands of crystals.

I walked through the large mansion, looking at every single detail. I saw the pictures on the wall. There were a lot of them. There were faces of people I didn't even know. "You must be Amber." A voice came out of nowhere, startling me as I jumped a little.

I turned around and came face to face with a guy. He too had blue eyes, like Niall, and had brown hair. I wondered how he had gotten my name. He was a stranger to me. He held out his hand towards me, "I'm Louis Tomlinson. I'm sorry if I startled you." he smiled.

I reached out and shook his hand. I smiled, "Nice to meet you Louis."

Niall's POV.

I walked out of Amber's house and got in my car. I drove down the street to the mansion. I couldn't tell Amber about my secret. She wouldn't believe me. She would never believe me. She'd call me crazy if I told her. I arrived at the mansion, looking around to see if anyone was following me, and entered.

Quickly, I headed upstairs to my room and closed the door behind me. I heard the door open from downstairs, but I figured that it was one of the guys. All of a sudden, I heard Louis's voice but it seemed like he was talking to someone. A girl. "Nice to meet you Louis." I heard the girl say.

The girl's voice sounded familiar. I opened the door and went downstairs to where the two where. Then I saw her. Amber was in the mansion. Did she follow me here? Now she knows where I live. She's going to find out my secret. "Amber?" I asked.

She turned towards my direction and from the moment I saw her eyes, I knew it was her. "I'm going to leave you two alone." Louis gave me a smirk that Amber didn't see and headed upstairs. "Niall, what's going on?" Amber asked me.

"Did you follow me here?" I asked.

She just nodded and looked down. She was guilty, but I hated to see that she was hurt. "Amber, you're not safe here. You're safer with your grandfather." I said.

"You don't know that." she said. "You don't know what I've been through Niall. My parents..." She trailed off and looked away. She was holding back tears and now I understood. I walked over to her and gave her a hug. It was the most I can do for her since I hardly knew her parents.

"I need to know if I can trust you." I said, looking down at her. She looked up at me and gave me a nod. "You can trust me Niall." she told me.

I knew it would come down to this; to me telling Amber about my secret which was also the guys' secret as well. I didn't want to make this decision now, but it was better now than never. "I'm a vampire." I said.

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