first sight first love

just before Niall Horan went away to audition for the x-factor something happened between rose and Niall but what happens when Niall doesnt remember what happened between them and will he even remember her name, its has been 3 years! and what will happen when he returns to Ireland for a break???

Hey this is my first fan fiction and im really nervous that u wont like it so hope u enjoy xoxoxo :)


3. the truth

Roses P.O.V

there was a knock on the door i ran outside and shut the door behind me so that my older brother didnt have time to suss him out i grabbed Naills hand and ran towards the car we got in and he had no idea what was going on so i had to fill hm in really quickly though. He drove away still looking frazzeled and i had to smile and giggle a little at his face it was hilarious. "whaaat?"he said smirking at he and slowing down " why are we stoping are we at that amazing place!" i said looking around franticlly he laughed so hard and was clapping i think he even started to cry a little he got out the car and walked around to my side still crying and clapping he opened the door and when i got out he grabbed my hand softly he had stoped crying and laughing finally. He looked he in the eyes and i blushed a little and looked at the ground ahhh i just wanted to hug him ive missed those eyes of his and his perfect smile!

Nialls P>O>V

i looked into her eyes and she blushed she was so beautiful. she looked down to the ground i wanted to kiss her so bad but we just met so i wasnt sure about that yet. i was holding her hand and i decided to take her to my suprise place now " lets go comon u really want to see it so..."i said and covered her eyes and walking her towards a door. i uncovered her eyes and she looked around the place amazed (i took her to my childhood favioute place it was a little garden with a little table it was a bit rusty now but it was still beautiful and it had little lanterns so we could see. Some how she knew exactly were to godown the path that literally no one could see. "... how do you know where to go...."i asked and she froze in her path.

Roses P>O>V

im busted totally busted i totally forgot that im trying to make him forget that he knew me! ( when we were little we used to come here all the time) ".. i only took my best friend here when we were..." he stoped and looked at me i turned around with a guilty face on "havent seen me in a while have you" I said . he walked up to me poked me in the cheek and i giggled dang he knew where my tickilish spot was! he just stood there and looked at me with a suprise expression on his face ",... i didnt... i.. but"is all he said "listen its ok if you forgot me i mean you probably saw 200 faces out there or even more way more so i dont mind i mean you remember now... right"i decided to say even though inside of me i was sad and angry and he could see that.

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