first sight first love

just before Niall Horan went away to audition for the x-factor something happened between rose and Niall but what happens when Niall doesnt remember what happened between them and will he even remember her name, its has been 3 years! and what will happen when he returns to Ireland for a break???

Hey this is my first fan fiction and im really nervous that u wont like it so hope u enjoy xoxoxo :)


1. the return

rose's P.O.V

i was walking home from the shops because mum asked me to pick up some things when i heard a familiar voice but i was to tired to look up to see who it was. I was walking and texting at the same time (bad idea) and i bumped in to someone. "oww.. oh god my phone!!!" i screamed trying to pick it up " Oh i'm so sorry" said this guy and he sounded so familiar! i lifted my head  and he lifted his head and we just knelt there looking into each others eyes, he's blue eyes sparkled and i felt like i was drowning into a deep blue pool. I wasn't sure what was happening so i just looked away. " Hi do i know you" He said then suddenly i realised who he was i cant believe i forgot it was him! "Niall... aren't you from one direction" i said trying to hide the fact that i knew him from way before. he looked at me suprised i guess he thought i was going to be all 'OMG ITS NIALL FROM 1D!!!' but i wasn't like that at all i liked them how could i not my best friend was in the band ( ill explain later), i just wasn't one of those super fans! 

Niall's P.O.V 

"Niall... aren't you from one direction" she said to me but she didnt scream it out or act all crazed and she didnt yell it out to the world either how strange. but.. before something was weird she looked like... i don't know she looked like she was thinking about it after she said my name. i thin i know her but from where. she was looking at me strangly like something happened i didnt know what to do so i just started to stand up and i held my hand out she grabbed it and i pulled her up i dont know why but when i held her hand (ish) i felt that spark and i didnt want to let go! " hi my names Niall but u already know that" i said gigling a little ah she must think im a idiot! but she just laughed a little too "hi im rose" she smiled WOW her green eyes were more amazing then harrys! and she had the most beautiful hair ever it was wavy and brown she looked like an angel. "umm.. do you wanna come see something amazing!" i asked her.



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