first sight first love

just before Niall Horan went away to audition for the x-factor something happened between rose and Niall but what happens when Niall doesnt remember what happened between them and will he even remember her name, its has been 3 years! and what will happen when he returns to Ireland for a break???

Hey this is my first fan fiction and im really nervous that u wont like it so hope u enjoy xoxoxo :)


2. cant remember

Roses P.O.V

I guess he really doesnt remember me, its kinda sad that he doesnt because i remember him clearly i tryed to act like i didnt know him but that didnt work because i think he could see it in my eyes that i knews him, but i dont know i feel so at home with him and so comfortable its just like im on a cloud floating. "so where are we gonna go" i said unsure "trust me"he said and smiled like an angel he was the sweetest thing ever! we got in his car and he drove me home ( i told him were i live.. oh now i just said it thats weird)". he looked around like he knew the area and then looked at me widely with big eyes, oh god he remembers something i got out the car said goodbye and gave him my number, then i ran inside put the groseries down and ran to my bed. that was close he almost remembered who i was or even he did this is so messed up why cant i just tell him that we were so close that i even lived with him for a little AHH! im so comfused.

Nialls P.O.V

i know her from somewhere i know her from my past we have met ive been to this place before andf i cant remember anything at all, why though, she remembers i can see it in her eyes those beautiful green eyes of hers but, where have i seen them. i remember i hav her number i text her saying ill pick u up at 8 to show you something amazing. Why would she try and act as if she didnt know me! this girl has me all up in knots and i know ive seen her before i just have to confront her about it tonight.

Roses P.O.V

ahhh im so lost ... but thats gonna change hes picking me up at 8 so ill have to to do it tonight.


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