Another bieber love story

All Justin wants is to be normal but he gave up his normal. Justin wants a girl to love he thinks he go to New York just to find some girl will justin meet this girl named emily


2. hanging out

Justin's point of view still

I end up falling asleep after i text Ryan but i get woken up by my mom saying "Justin were here" I groan and roll off the bed falling on the floor.I grab my phone and my suit case and head off the bus and i hear my friends scream JUSTIN and i hug my friends ryan and chaz and do our little hand shake and they follow me inside my house.I drop of my stuff in my room and yell mom im going out to play basket ball with Chaz and Ryan and shes OK Justin be careful.Ryan asks "justin do u actually want to go to school theres a bunch of fans that would be all over you .Ijust stare at him and nod and we walk down the street to the rec center and we pass this girl and people are calling her a slut and ur ugly .


Emily's point of view 

ok so im emily i love justin bieber he is like my all time favorite person in the whole world my fave color is purple but also i found out my parents died about a year ago.Its been hard with out them all i have is my best friend Victoria but shes hardly around.So im just walking around the city and a few girls from school stop me and start taliking about me and how my parents died but i look over across the street and see three guys standing there looking at me and i start to walk away crying.

Justin's pov

'aww shes crying' ryan says I walk over to her and she says im ok don't worry about me.I say whats wrong and she doesn't speak.she says im sorry im Emily and u dont have to introduce yourself i know who you are I look at her and say "Oh i just wanted to know if u were ok Emily but i guess you r".then i start to walk away and she stops me.



thats all im doing for now please comment if u like it



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