Another bieber love story

All Justin wants is to be normal but he gave up his normal. Justin wants a girl to love he thinks he go to New York just to find some girl will justin meet this girl named emily


4. Emily's pov and justins pov

Emily's pov

Look Justin i dont need your help ok my parents cant help me either i found out that they died my life is hard i grew up raising my self.Justin looks at me in shock and says "emily im so sorry i didnt know please talk to me about this i wanna help as much as ican."I just start to walk away and i run home to my apartment.Justin yells "Em wait up" I turn around and ask "What justin i need to get home im tired".with that i walk home and justin follows ME home.

Justins pov

Ok so ik what u all are thinking yes i like emily it waz love at first sight but im gonna tell her soon when ik her better."justin r u ok u look like ur in love with her and u just met emily" ryan says.Ryan im fine i need to go talk to her please stay out of my buisnss shs just a girl im net inlove with her right now


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