The Wonders of Oz

ATTENTION: this is a sequel to "The Foreigners Of Oz" I suggest you read that first. DESCRIPTION: many things are changing now that Sara and Dylan have found each-other in Kansas. Sara will gain people and lose people in her life, as her and Dylan's love is tested.


2. Chapter Two "It's Unlikely"

I was at the school cafeteria for my first day back at school since the incident. Last night before Dylan dropped me off home, he invited me to come to his house tonight for his birthday, it's his first birthday with his family since Oz. As I stand next to my wall like usual, I get surprised to see Dylan in the cafeteria, coming my way. "What're you doing here?" I ask. "Well, I prefere hanging-out with you, since we know each-other best." He says, with that quirky smile of his. "This school doesn't have a very good security system, doesn't it?" I ask myself. "So, why're you standing here? There is a bunch of tables and chairs laying around." I don't know how I should answer his question. I don't want to pitty myself. "No reason." I replie. He stands next to me, places his arm around my shoulder. "What're you doing anyway?" I ask. "With my birthday?" "Yeah." "I dunno. My family really want me to spend time with them, I'm fine with that. I just want to have a day with you. It's not like anyone else knows where we've been." He says, humbly. I goofy smile comes from my ear to ear. "Love you, Dylan Baker." As we're about to kiss, these two guys come, one of them saying, "Dylan Baker?" Dylan has a puzzled look and says, "Yes. Do I know you?" "Umm." The brown haired one mumbles. "No I mean seriously- do I know you? If I did, I wouldn't even remember- I lost my memorie." "It depends if you're the Dylan we thought it was. He got into a coma when we were kids." The one with light, red blondish hair says. "In that case, that's me." Dylan says, giving the guys equally shocked expressions. "Why, who are you's?" I ask. "I'm Mat." The brown hair guy says. "And I'm Chase. We were friends in middle school." The fit redhead says. "I can't believe Abbie didn't even tell us you were back." Mat says. "Me neither." Dylan replies. "And who are you?" Chase asks me. "I'm Sara. Me and Dylan know each-other too." "How long have you been awake to find a girl?" Chase asks. "Uh, I actually knew Dylan before he went into a coma." I lie. "You did?" Dylan asks. I give him a look that says: play along! "Oh yeah, you did. She's the only person I could remember." "Why, is that a side-effect or something?" Mat asks. "Uh, no. It just happened to me." Dylan says. "Wait- weren't you just now in a coma too?" Chase asks me. I blush and nod. "Oh yeah! How did you get into one anyway?" Chase asks. "Er- I fell." I silently ask myself why I would say the oldest one in the book, just so they don't know what really happened. "You must've fallen pretty hard." Chase says. "Why are we all standing here?" He ads. "That's what I was asking her." Dylan says. I sat at the table with the guys, feeling like kinda being one of the guys is what I should've done from the start. We all got to know each other. When the bell rang, Dylan had to leave. I get erged to kiss him, but then remember that Trish is right there, we're like enemies. What if she wants to hurt him just to get in my face if she knows he's my boyfriend? Or worst, she might want to try to seduce him. That's a chance I can't take- she can't know we're together. "I'll be here after school." Dylan promises. "'Kay." I replie. By the time school is over, I wait Infront of my car, waiting for Dylan. After a while, I begin to wonder what could be taking him so long. Is he even coming? It's getting dark, none of the kids are even here anymore, making the parking lot almost emty except for my car and Trish's. I can't wait anymore- I gotta get in my car. When I make my way out of the school parking lot, I see Dylan walking in the parking lot next to a girl- not any girl- it's Trish. My heart hurts at the sight. I know that he isn't cheating on me, he's too kind for that. He just doesn't know how bad of a person she is. I'm surprised he hasn't even noticed my car. I know that I can't go and get him away from her, she'll definitely know that we're together. All I can do is just go with it.
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