The Wonders of Oz

ATTENTION: this is a sequel to "The Foreigners Of Oz" I suggest you read that first. DESCRIPTION: many things are changing now that Sara and Dylan have found each-other in Kansas. Sara will gain people and lose people in her life, as her and Dylan's love is tested.


3. Chapter Three "A Wish to be Explained"

I'm on my way out, first I just fed the grandmas cat Iris. I'm at the door now. "See you later nan." I greet. "Have fun. I hope you're a good girl and that I don't have to give you a talk." She says, making me cheeks flush cherry-red. I wave and walk out, getting to my car. I get to Dylan's house; he told me the address the day before. When I get to the door, I give it a knock. It didn't sound like the whole simple thing he talked about earlier. When I see a girl looking about someteen to twenty-something. "Hi, I'm Sara. I'm here for- well, Dylan." I say the obvious. "I'm Abigail. Come in." She says. I get in the house with 10 to 15 people; a lot of then from my school. I see Dylan on the couch, talking to his guest, obviously just getting to know them. He looks at me with that crooked smile of his. I hesitate to sit in the tight spot until he stands up and offers me his spot. "No that's fine Dylan- you sit there." I protest. "Okay, fine." He says, taking back his spot and motioning me to sit at his lap. I feel too shy to do that. I'm just not the kind to get into someone's space like that. I instead sit at the arm rest of the couch. "This is my girlfriend Sara." He says, making me feel awfully nervous. Kids from school are here- what if they spread the word so it could get to Trish? Everyone was just hanging-out in the kitchen. As the group is trading for the living-room again, I hear the doorbell ring, and since I'm the closest to it, I decide I should answer it. As I open it to see who it is, I see the last person I'd expect... Trish. She amediatly goes to Dylan and gives him a hug, letting her breast press on him. "Hey Trish." He says, nonchalantly. She lets go of her grip on him. "Keep it cool Sara, keep it cool." I whisper to myself. "Why is Kill Me Now Girl here?" Trish asks Dylan. "What's it to you? I should be asking you that question." I say. "Why can't I be here? Dylan invited me." "Yeah, she invited a lot of people here for me to get to know." Dylan says, making me feel useless in his eyes. I could've done that, yet he has to ask the most popular girl (based on fear and nothing to be liked for) to do it instead. "Why?" Is all I could say. We've been through so much together. "What's your problem with that? You're not jealous, are you? What if Dylan was already taken?" Trish says. I gasp. She can't be saying this right now. I feel like my world is just about to end. "Omigod!" Dylan says, and puts his hand on my shoulder saying, "Don't listen to her. She's my cousin- I swear." "Seriously, the oldest one in the book?" I say. "Sara, if me and Trish weren't cousins, then why wouldn't she be just as mad as you are right now?" "Because she has done this before! She would go out with a married man if she could!" I yell enough for her to hear me (not caring if she does). "So you're saying I can't?" She says, catching me totally off guard. "No, I'm saying that you're the only one who'd try- and you proved my point!" I just realize that as a bully, she'll want to imbarras me after that. I think about that until I feel a hit. Next thing I know, I'm on the floor beating-up Trish Parker (equally winning). I feel someone pulling me off, as I realize that it's Dylan, I get out of that fight since I wasn't having too much fun with it. "That bitch just attacked me!" Trish says/yells. Dylan takes me in the kitchen, locking the door. "No offence, but what was that about?" Dylan asks. "Why're you acting so innocent? You've been with the girl who got me to kill myself!" "We're cousins!" "Oh yeah, right." I say, sarcastically agreeing with him. "Sara, if I were dating her, why would I be here so you could hide from Trish and not get hurt?" He says, making me feel small and like a stupid trouble maker. "Is she different when she's not around me, trying to imbarras girls?" I ask. "You know, if I had to pick between you and her to just get out of my life, I'd pick her." I feel a warm smile spread upon my face, as he shows his dimples with his. "I'm sorry for not trusting you when you deserve trust... And starting a fight with your cousin." I confess. He comes closer and locks his lips into mine, fitting them perfectly. We just sat in the kitchen for the rest of the night, just me and him, just like he wanted it to be I. The first place. Our hands not letting go of each other, since their just so meant to be with each other. "I've been trying to not bring this up, but it's just hard not to." Dylan says. "What?" "I've spent every birthday I can remember with my father." He whispers. "It's just so weird knowing that he isn't here for me." He continued, looking at the ground in shame. "There's nothing for you to think about. What if what happened was for the safety of Oz?" I say. "But what if one day karma will be to come and get me?" "There's no such thing as karma." I say, trying to get his mind off of it. I know where this is taking his thought; and he's just so afraid of death. "You wasn't in Oz as long as I was. You don't know the things I know, nor do you know what The Land Of Oz knows." "But you can't be constantly thinking about how your death would happen! We all die." I snap. He looks me more deeply in the eyes and says, "If you're more aware of your safety, the longer you would live." "But maybe instead of focusing on death, you should be focused on life. Dedicate yourself to what means the most to you- I know how aware you are that you only have one life to live, so why don't you just take advantage of it?" I incourage. He looks down thoughtfully for a while, getting to his point. "You're right. I will dedicate to what means most to me- I'll dedicate my whole life to loving you." "You would do that?" I couldn't be more flattered. I couldn't be more inlove. "Yes. No one knows me better then you, no one knows you better then me. If we were both sent to Oz to find each other, then this is my life's perpous. One day I will love you until you're left to pieces." I stare at him in disbelieve of such a romance without the need for a candle lit bedroom. Such things can put butterfly's in my butterfly of a heart from only words- the strongest speech someone can ever give me. This is just so fantacious, so... Unreal. The only thing that helps me believe this is really happening is Dylan's kiss. Then I hand him the concert tickets I got for his birthday.
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