The Wonders of Oz

ATTENTION: this is a sequel to "The Foreigners Of Oz" I suggest you read that first. DESCRIPTION: many things are changing now that Sara and Dylan have found each-other in Kansas. Sara will gain people and lose people in her life, as her and Dylan's love is tested.


10. Chapter ten "Hero Of Sick Hearts

"What were you doing here," Dylan says just the question I've been threading to hear. "Werent you here just this morning?" He ads. "Yeah, I was. I just wanted some time with her alone. Is that too much to ask?" I'm only telling as much of the truth as I should. He sighs over the leather wheel of his Range Rover, letting his brown glossy curls blow away from his eyes. He turns his head to face me, his deep-gray eyes gazing deeply into mine, and asks, "What happened there anyway?" I purse my lips, looking for any lie I could, remembering how that woman wasn't in my head, but she was hiding behind the door, waiting for me to get out of there at the right time to attack. He knows she was after me, but he wants to know why. And to be honest, I don't even know why, so how can I possibly explain it to him? I surrender keeping secrets from him, so I at leat tell him about that woman. It's like ever since I gave up, tried to commit suicide and almost succeeded, going to a place that nobody knows but me and Dylan, and came back with him, I just don't know how to tell the truth anymore. Weither it's about my feeling--- or about my general life--- I can't tell the truth without facing any risks. Risks I can't take a chance with. If I tell anyone about Oz, they'll think I'm crazy and possibly take me to some sort of mental institution and I'll never see Dylan, or my mom. If I tell anyone about how Marlin has taken advantage of his own daughter... I actually don't know where's my risk. I mean, If I do that then my mother will get really mad at him, and I don't blame her. But he would also get arrested, but that's not my fault, it's his. He's gotten himself into this. My only problem is our condition of him not ending this. Although, I don't know how good he's keeping his word by the way he was getting so frisky with me when we got home earlier. Dylan drives in his garage. I haven't really been paying attention to where he's been planning on taking me until I see baje, casual looking house with a porch and cherry-wood chairs and matching table on it. I'm surprised by how time flew away like that just now. It was like there was no time. Just a conversation. Dylan reacted to my story with anger towards the clerk and the red-dressed lady. He got just as angry as any protective boyfriend would. He gets out of the drivers-seat and comes to open mine. "You didn't have to do that." I say. "Why not? I mean, I did devote myself to you." He slips his hand in mine, but it just doesn't feel the same. It just doesn't have that soft warmth with a tingle that stays even after he'd let go, just like it use to. Instead it just feels plain, boring, and surprisingly cold and hard. It almost feels awkward to not feel the same way as it did before. I choose to focus on the conversation instead of this numbness. "Are you really serious on trying to devote yourself to me?" I ask. He nods. "I wouldn't tell it to if it wasn't true," I sigh, looking at the pavement moving behind me as Dylan walks me to his door. He doesn't knock on the door, or ring the bell. He just gazes at my eyes softly, and ads, "And by the way, I wanted to take another step to my commitment by asking you if tonight is the night." He strikes that dimple showing side-grin that makes me blush everytime I see it (including now). Although I know I'm not strong enough to make such a big step tonight. I'm still not fully recovered to do IT while knowing that it's not even the night where I lose my virginity. I look at the porch chairs and table and say, "Why don't we just sit down here?" "But I thought that we could take such a big step while the feeling lasts." I look down. I give up! "Dylan, I'm seriously not ready. It gives me too many memories." I look back at him to see his expression on confusment, with his eyebrows furrowed and his hand at his his as he thinks deeply of what I could be talking about. "Dylan, I seriously need to tell you something." I say, looking down, letting go of his hand, and grabbing onto my elbo. "What is it?" I blow some red hair out of my face out of frustration. I look back up to him, leaving both my hands out. "It's just that---" I sigh, putting just the right words in my head as fast as I can, some words that won't get Dylan on that intense-protection-mode. Because I'm just not the type who wants someone to be looking after me so much, and I know that after what I tell him, he will do such things. "I'm not a vergen!" I snap. He raises a thick yet short eyebrow. "So you're not? Then would you mind telling me who you've already had a night with?" He asks just the question that will officially give all of my secrets away. Dylan will now know me from top-to-bottom. He knows of my most weakest times, about my most worthy and special times that I would never give back, now he'll know about my most shocking and betrayed times. "I was raped." I let out just enough to get his eyebrows raised high, causing his four-head to crease. And the second the words come out, my heart skips a beat. He recovers from his moment of shock and gets his feelings together, making his eyebrows furrowed in the most bitter anger I've ever seen on him. "Are you serious?" He says like thunder. I nod, pursing my lips with tears gathering in my eyes and streaming out. "Who did this to you?" He asks. My jaw trembles. I know that I can't take back those words, can't take back these feelings, because I can't take back what happened and act like I am. All I could do is let it all out. I try to breathe enough to say, "My father." But my voice cracks and gets buried under weeping when I do say it. "That's discusting! How could he do this?" I can't take anymore questions. I've already asked myself these questions. I just come closer to him, not caring if he feels the same or not. I just need him. And it makes me feel so releaved when he cradles me, squeezing me to his chest as my tears fall on his dark-blue T-shirt. When I recover from my greif and sorro, I slip myself out of his cradle. "How long has this been going on?" He asks. I'm so uncomfortable to be talking about this, but I have to. So I explained everything to him. Not everything I could--- or should--- but everything. I feel like I've gotten him to see me differently, and that he'll just keep feeling sorry for me. I'm just not use to such a big secret, but now Dylan has came through my walls. We are one again, and I can't help but feel at peace by it. I feel almost as much peace as I did in Oz. The last question Dylan asks is, "Do you want me to call the police?" And I'm surprised. I thought that he would immediately call the police. Who wouldn't? But he's actually giving me a choice. "I don't think I can do that right away. My mom doesn't even know any of this. It'll be hard to explain to her after Marlin gets arrested." "Then why don't we just go tell your mother?" "Because, I don't know if I'm ready to do that just yet." I admit. "Well, all I know is that you're not leaving here." I knew he would get protective, and I thought I'd hate it, but the thought of not leaving Dylan's house just looks good. I mean, we'd pretty much be living with each other. It could be all I ever wanted. But there's still one problem. "How am I gonna do that? I mean, it's not like my mom would just let me live with you and your family." I say. "But I don't want you out of my sight, Sara. Especially when I know you're going back home to someone who only makes you suffer." I sigh, putting my hands in my jeans pockets. "I know," I role my eyes. "But how're we gonna do that?" He clenches his jaw, looking down in thoughtfulness. He looks back up at me, showing that side-smile. That means that he thought of a solution that could hopefully let me get away from Marlin, stay with my mother, and let me and Dylan be with each other. He holds my hand. I try to move past the strange foreign feeling that comes from him touching my skin in any way. "I'm not so prepared to ask you this, but would you be willing to marry?" My eyebrows raise. I wasn't expecting those words from someone as protective as Dylan, not in that form of a sentence either. I would feel so strange knowing that I'm married so young just to live with Dylan. I'm only seventeen. Even if I was ready to get married, my mother isn't ready to give me up, and I know that for a fact. Just aiming for the right words, wondering if Dylan will understand. "Dylan, I can't get married. I'm too young. There could be other ways to solve this problem. We just have to dig in deeper." When the words come out, I don't know if I'd take them back or not. What if he thinks that I'm not willing to take such a risk for him. What if it's my only chance? "I understand." He says. "You do?" He nods. "Yeah, I'm sorry I brought it up so soon." I place my hand on my shoulder. "Don't take it like that. I would be nothing but willing to be with you, but I just can't now." I say. "I understand that." He says. "But I have an idea." I announce. "What is it?" "How about everytime my mom isn't home but Marlin is, I'll come to you?" "And I could come there occationally?" "Dylan, I know you. You would just get into a fight with Marlin." He simple lifts and drops his shoulders. "It was worth a try." He let's out a single chuckle. "Anyway, we'll do this until I'm ready to tell my mom what happened. Got it?" I ask. He lifts up his chin and replys, "Got it." "No, you seriously have to promise me that you won't tell a single soul. It will ruin everything. So don't get to mad--- but if you do, just keep your cool and tell me." He nods. "Promise."
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