The Wonders of Oz

ATTENTION: this is a sequel to "The Foreigners Of Oz" I suggest you read that first. DESCRIPTION: many things are changing now that Sara and Dylan have found each-other in Kansas. Sara will gain people and lose people in her life, as her and Dylan's love is tested.


6. Chapter Six "The Missed Last"

NOTE: Hi. I've noticed that when a post a new chapter, it looks like some people read it before the first chapter of the book, and the first one since this is a sequel. Please read the first book "The Foreigners Of Oz" and then go back to this one. Thanks. _________________________________________________________________________ We get infront of the house. I immediately open the car-door and jog to the front door of the house. When I open it, I see my parents crying their eyes out of the cream-colored couch. Dylan makes his way next to me. "Where's Nan?" I ask. "They took her baby. She's gone." My mother cries out. My lips starts to tremble, as tears almost instantly stream down my face. My mother starts crying on Marlins shoulder, as I turn around to an opened-armed Dykan, to do the same. When I calm down a little more, wiping my tears, Dylan walks out the door. I guess he shouldn't keep his sisters waiting so I could cry. I walk over to the couch, my legs feeling tired from the grief, beginning to cry some more as we're just trying to comfort each other. Marlin starts rubbing my back. I don't know weather I should walk away from him, or to let him try and soothe me. Since that's wall he's wanting to do. Dylan comes back inside. "What're you doing back here?" I ask. "I thought I'd stay for the night. Since things aren't the best, I thought I'd comfort you." I look down, knowing what I have and what I don't. It's amazing what life can give you, and what it can take from you. As the night comes so close to an end, it's just me and Dylan in the living-room. I'm just laying on his shoulder, having a loss for words. "What will you do now?" Dylan asks. "About what? It's not like I can bring hef back or something." "I'm talking about your home. You were living with Dorothy because you don't like living with your parents." Him saying her name made me remember how big of a deal this should be to him too. My grandmother is like the Lincoln of that world. Now she is dead. Except without John Wilkes Booth. Although, Dylan was half right and half wrong about my parents. "I don't hate living with my parents." "I never said the word 'hate'. But you seemed so mad at your dad earlier." I look down, not knowing what to say. I know that I can trust Dylan with any secret, but knowing Dylan, he's protective. He would probably punch Marlin in the face if he found out the Marlin loves me in an unfatherly way. Not that I would be mad if Dylan did. It's just really hard to tell him. "Whatever." I say, knowing he's right. I'm just living with the person who I thought was my father. I can't tell anyone. There's already enough drama. "You look upset. Let me help you with that." He heads to the kitchen, looks in the freezer and says, "Perfect solution!" He pulls out a tub of Rocky Road ice-cream, examines the drawers until he gets a spoon out of one and walks back to me with it. "What's that for?" I ask. "Well, I heard that girls like eating ice-cream when they're upset." He says, displaying the ice-cream with my name written all over it infront of me, just offering. "That's so sexist, yet so true." I say, putting that cute side-grin back one his face. The one that is officially proven to make me smile no matter where I am. I grab the ice-cream from him, dipping in the spoon and starting to eat it. Indulging in the rich flavor, that voice in the back of my head saying: Are you addicted to food or something? You cow. Stop eating it! It's a trap! "Wait a minute." I say, trying to tune-out the negative thought by talking about them. "What?" He asks. "Why would you, my boyfriend," I gesture to him. "Want me to just eat my feelings? Don't you care?" "I do. That's why I don't want you to be so low. No matter what you have to do, or what I have to do to make you feel better." I look down, knowing that I really don't deserve someone so harm and caring like him.
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