The Wonders of Oz

ATTENTION: this is a sequel to "The Foreigners Of Oz" I suggest you read that first. DESCRIPTION: many things are changing now that Sara and Dylan have found each-other in Kansas. Sara will gain people and lose people in her life, as her and Dylan's love is tested.


7. Chapter seven "Ways to Drive Me Mad"

Chapter seven "Ways To Drive Me Mad" "I heard you last night." Dylan says, tiredly after just waking up by my side. "What?" I ask. "I heard you throwing-up... Why do you still do that? Who are you trying to look so good for? Cuz you don't have to do this for me--- you know that." He says with his eyes still closed. He flutters them open, rubbing them with his fingers. "I'm sorry. I can't help it--- you know that." I say, feeling small and weak once again. We have a moment of silence while Dylan gets out of my bed and puts on his shoes. "Can you just promise me you won't do it again?" He says, head down, staring at his feet as he ties his shoes. "I don't know." I mumble. I get out of bed, heading towards my dresser and start searching for an outfit, not caring about how I look today. I'm in no mood to try and impress, no mood to try and build my confidence with some cute outfit. Nothing can possibly put me in a good mood right now. I get out plain blue-jeans and a white pickle T-shirt. "You want me to drive you home?" I ask Dylan as I stop walking shy from the bathroom. "That depends--- do you need me here?" "Everything will be okay... Well not all fine and dandy, but stable. My mom is going to be out for a while, planning the funeral with my Aunts. As long as she isn't here to remind me how in pain she is, I can make it through." "You sure? I mean, I wanna be with you. I don't mind." He says. "Yeah, I'm sure. You can just go home with your family." I start to wonder about Marlin. We haven't been alone since he dropped me off to my grandmothers' house, when he tried to kiss me. "Okay, then I'll just go home." He says, giving up the urge to debate against it. I make my way to the bathroom to start my unwanted, unexpected feeling of a day. After I drove Dylan home, I realized I late I would be arriving to class. When I get in history, I feel awfully imbarrast. "Fitzpatrick, you're about fifteen-minutes late." Mr. Monroe says, eyeing his watch. "Would you have an excuse?" I stare at the class, feeling under pressure. "Listen, my grandmother passed away last night. It was jus---" "I understand." Mr. Monroe cuts me off mid-sentence. "Wait, wait, wait. Mr. Monroe, She is lying." Trish says, Focussing her gaze on me and away from her red-manicured-nails. "She was at a concert last night. I mean you would lie that your grandma died? That's just pathetic." While I want to say things like: You would tell me you're dating your cousin? That's just pathetic. I keep my cool and prove that I'm not a rat like her. "I did go to the concert. When I came back, she died." She looks speechless. I feel good for myself for finally getting her in that speechless mode. I finally beat her! Even though Nan dying has never been the way I wanted this to happen. "You can take your seat, Fitzpatrick." "But that's not fair. When I showed up late, I got detention." Trish says. "Parker, I have a class to run." Monroe shushes her. He goes back to teaching his class as Trish gazes at me with mad eyes that say: You win this time, but next time, you're gonna be with your grandmother. Time just flies by. Next thing I know, the bell is ringing, which means class is over. When I get up, grabbing my backpack and slinging it over my shoulder, I almost trip over an ankle. I hear Trish's bratty friends laugh as she runs off childishly. I just sigh and keep walking, not in the mood to try and call her out, even though winning just felt so good earlier. While I'm walking out of the classroom, Mr. Monroe places his hand on my arm, trying to get my attention and says, "I'm sorry for your loss." He really is one of my nicest teachers. He has never really been rude. He's actually very understanding. "Thank you." I acknowledge. He puts his hand back down and let's me walk away. I make my way to the halls. I see Trish kiss her new boyfriend, Andrew as he walks away. Alongside her little clique, Lyla and Michelle. They're the type of friends to sit quietly in the background while Trish does all the business and then acknowledges her after. Prettending that they will all be best friends forever, even while they know that they just hang-out with her so they could get some recognition. "Excuse me, but did you think you were funny earlier?" Trish asks. I stop walking to my locker. "Who, me?" I ask. I didn't say anything that she could possibly be mad about. I only told the hard-truth. "Yeah you. You know you ow us, right?" "Wait, wait. I suddenly ow you because my grandmother passed away?" I ask, not believing what I'm hearing. Lyla turns to Trish and says, "Yeah, like really. She's just a weak little girl, Trish." Trish gives her a dirty. "You do realize that she ow's you too, right? We go through this together! And I can make her give you anything." Trish says. I notice Lyla's far-away-gaze. "Like Brandon?" Lyla asks. "I can't give you your boyfriend back! I don't need to give you anything!" I say. "Well you ow us. We'll decide on what you'll be doing." Trish let's me off with a wave. I just speed walking to my locker. By the time school is over, I've drove myself home from school. When I knock on the door, Marlin answers it. I wave, knowing that my mother is still busy. He let's me in as he walks back to the kitchen, probably starting on dinner. I hear him whistling out a melodic tune as I sit down on our white couches which are oddly covered in plastic wrap. I get up and walk to the kitchen to see Marlin doing the dishes. I see that he has earbuds in. I walk over to the sink where he is. When I take out one earbud to ask him about the couches, I feel something bang at my head, causing me to collapse to the floor.
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