The Wonders of Oz

ATTENTION: this is a sequel to "The Foreigners Of Oz" I suggest you read that first. DESCRIPTION: many things are changing now that Sara and Dylan have found each-other in Kansas. Sara will gain people and lose people in her life, as her and Dylan's love is tested.


1. Chapter one "See You Again"

I'm not afraid of death. I just hope and pray that I would die at the right time. Age doesn't matter, but to know that I've lived my life achieved does. Chapter one "See You Again" I woke-up, ready to take on the day, knowing that I will see Dylan. I did hear his voice again last night. I got dressed in bleached jeans, a pink tank, and put on my usual minimal makeup. By the time I was done, I got a text from Dylan (using his sisters phone). It read: Come outside if you're ready. So I did. When I came outside, I saw a shiny truck. When the door opened, I saw Dylan walk out of. I noticed how he didn't have his long-locks anymore. His hair was still kind of long, and volumized, if kind of reminded me of the hair cut Harry Styles has. He comes closer to me, looking at me with his big, grey-eyes, making me melt in excitement. I smile stretched ear to ear on my face, causing the same for him. "I'm so happy to see you." I say, wrapping my arms around him, imbracing him, feeling hope. "It's good seeing you too." He says. He escorts me to his car. I got in the passanger-seat and put on my belt on. "So, you already got a car?" I say. "Yeah, my father says I'm a natural." He says. I purst my lips, trying to quiet the weird feeling in my gut, as it try's to get use to him always talking about his father when he's not talking about the same one. "I know what you're thinking. It is very bazaar." He says. Man, either he read my mind, or read my expressions. "So, where're we going?" I ask. "Umm to a park..? The only problem is, I don't even know my way around Kansas." "You want me to take the drivers seat?" I ask. "Yeah, I should've thought that through." He ads. We get out of the car and switched seats. He had a pretty nice, comfortable car. I guess that his parents really did miss him and is now wanting to spoil him as their way of welcoming him home. When we arrive at the park, we get out, as we stroll to where we want to settle in, we're already holding hands. I know that we pretty much already had a first date, but this is our first date in Kansas. I'm still counting this as a very close first date. We settle on a park-bench. I try to stir up a little small talk by saying, "So, how's it going with your new family?" "No offense, but you do realize what a weird question that is, right?" He says, ruggedly. I actually didn't know how to respond to that. "It's not you- it's about me actually having a family who've known me, waited for me- yet I have no idea. I just feel like I don't even deserve that- I killed my father." He tones it down to a whisper at the end. "Dylan, I'm not trying to be hurtful, but you do realize that your father did this to you. Right?" I say, surprised that I had the guts to break it to him like that. I wonder if I hurt his feelings. "I don't know anything anymore. You think you know your father for five-years. Yet, he's only been using you." He says, hardly. "I really do wish that I had the right words to help, but I honestly don't know how you must be feeling right now." I can only tell the truth. "It's okay. I'd rather have it that way." He says, head facing me, gaze hard. It's like I've forgotten what it feels like to want to kiss him while I can. "Kiss me." He says so quietly that he's almost mouthing it out. I come closed, letting him hold my hair into his fingers as I lips are almost at one.
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