The Wonders of Oz

ATTENTION: this is a sequel to "The Foreigners Of Oz" I suggest you read that first. DESCRIPTION: many things are changing now that Sara and Dylan have found each-other in Kansas. Sara will gain people and lose people in her life, as her and Dylan's love is tested.


9. Chapter nine "Running and Hiding"

Today was the last time I saw Nan's face. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I just can't Imagine not seeing her for the rest of my life... It just doesn't feel real. I was hoping that my mother would be staying home for the day. She hasn't been home at all! Today her excuse was her going with her sisters to eat and really bond with them. So it's just me and Marlin home--- again! When we get through the door, the first place to go in mind is my room. But he gestures me toward him with his index-finger, as he's sitting on the couch. I shake my head no. He gives me a dirty look and calls me over with his finger once again. I feel I have no choice but to come towards him... Or else. I drop myself on the no-longer wrapped, grey couch; I'm at the other corner. He leans in next to me, setting a chill up my spine. He starts digging his hands in my shoulders in a unpleasant way. He comes so close that I could feel his warm breath blowing on my neck. He pulls my shirt down my shoulders so delicately I don't even notice until I feel his breath on them too. I gape for air, not going to stand for this any longer. I make my way to my feet quickly. I jog to the front-door. "Where are you going?" Marlin asks. I don't answer him. I just walk out the door as if I don't have an answer for him. I definitely have a good place in mind. He won't know where I am. I open the garage door, surprised he hasn't went after me. This gives me enough time to think of another place I could go for help. My original place was to go to Dylan's house, but I thought of someone who's always given me the best advice I could get... Dorothy The Great. I arrive at the cemetery I at only earlier today. I walk to the place where she was buried next to my grandfather. I don't remember him much. He passed when I was four. Most I could remember of him is him doing these magic tricks. He could always amaze me by making a pink rose appear in his hand and making it levitate over his hand. I still have no idea how he did that, although I've seen much more magic in a much more magical of I place then the one I'm at now. All I wish for is The Land of Oz. A place where I could get away from from all of my trouble and escape to the purest of magic. A place where snow won't make you numb--- nothing will, physically or emotionally. A place where I'm truly special. A place that changed my life for good! Now that I'm here, I don't know what to do. If I ask Nan Dorothy for that, it's not like she can give it to me. Maybe I just needed some peace and quiet... Although, by the women screaming "HELP!" so loud it sounds like she's right next to me, it sounds like I just can't get peace and quiet. But when I twirl around I see no one. "Where are you?" I yell out, panic running through my vanes. Someones in danger, yet I don't know where she is to be found. She just repeatedly screams for help. I just walk around to try and follow her scream of aches and pain. I walk by many toom-stones trying to find her. When it leads me up a hill, it's so loud it's making my ears ring, but I still see no one! "Who's where?" I yell. My eyes starting to tear-up. My knees beginning to wobble. Before I know it, the screaming finally stops. Did she die before I could find her? I still need to find her--- even if she's dead. I walk down the hill and look at as many sections of last names as I could. I can't find her. I mean, I am in a cemetery. I've never believed in ghost, but I do believe in wicked-witches. I've also learned to expect the unexpected, which anyone would after being in such phenomena. I easily make a decision without turning back. I decision to just get myself out of here! While I'm getting close to the exit I trip over what feels like a foot. I fall on the cold grass as it paints it's own waters on my clothes and hands. I instantly respond with "Are you okay?" I look over to see a women dressed in a bright read skirt, sports-jacket with matching lips, and blond hair. She's holding her hand to her face, pinky at the mouth and thumb at her ear, gesturing a cellphone. "Where are you located?" She asks her hand as she scribbles the other one in circles, as if she where writing down the location. "Are you okay?" I repeat myself. She looks at her hand/phone in shock, as if she's just realizing she has been talking to her hand this whole time. Her jaw drops extremely, just shy from her collar-bone. When her jaw re-attaches to an angry frown, she looks at me with creases inbetween her eyebrows. "Now you're dead!" She yells with a high-pitch, scratchy scream. I get so scared that I remain frozen for a second until I realize I need to get running. I jump to my feet as fast as a can and start running. I look back to see she's running after me. She isn't even far from catching up. I speed up my legs so fast I can barely feel the ground. I'm not even running fast enough. I could still feel her fingers getting so close to my head, almost grabbing onto my hair. I just run even faster to keep away from her. I don't even know why she's chasing me, or why she's even mad at me at all. While I'm running for my life, I realize I'm just running nowhere. So I make my way back to the exit where all of this started. When I get out, I run across the street without thinking twice. I could die either way. I get in the first door infront of me. When I come running behind a rack of clothes of multiple fabrics of clothing. I notice I walked into a clothing-store. I'm just lucky that red-dressed lady didn't follow me in here to strangle me like she'd probably fantasizes. But how will I get out? The clerk behind the desk comes to me, concern clear in her brown eyes and furrowed eyebrows as she asks, "Whats the matter?" For a moment, time just freezes. I spend it replaying how that womens mouth dropped and she suddenly wanted to kill me. She wasn't normal. She wasn't sane. She was much more. She was what I could only describe as wicked. "What happened?" The dark-skinned clerk with ambre hair with bangs asks me, putting my head back to reality. I just break-down as the whole memory comes falling at once. Marlin and the unspeakable, The wicked woman almost killing me, and worst of all, Nan Dorothy not being here to cry to. There's only so little I could explain. "There's someone chasing me!" I cry out. The clerk walks out the door, examining the village. She comes back inside and next to me and says, "No one's there." The words smack me in the face with insanity. Did I just imagine all of that? I mean, I felt her fingertips just shy from my red-hair; All I know is that I don't trust my fictitious mind enough to walk outside of this small clothing-store. The clerk whos name is apparently "Lea" by her name-tag comes to my side, stroking my hair. I don't notice there are tears still running down my face until Lea strokes the back of my hair. I get my phone out of my pocket so I could call someone to pick me up. Who should I call, my mother? I mean, she's with her sisters, and she'll ask why I was here. But I know who won't give me a hard time and will truly comfort me. Dylan. I dial his number and wait for him to answer, because if he doesn't then I'm screwed. He answered after a few rings and I just told him plain and simple to come and pick me up. I hand up. Lea is still at my side. I look down, feeling foolish for this stranger to feel so concerned over my problems. Yet, I still feel alone. "Bless you." I tell her. It's as much as I could say. "Tell me what happened out there." I look for just the right words. Nothing to explain to much to tell her, but enough to tell her my experiences. I wipe the last of my tears with the dark-gray sleeve of my cashmere sweater. "I was at the cemetery and then I heard someone yelling for help. Then when I tried to look for the lady, I tripped and then that women started chasing me and threatening to kill me. Although, I'm pretty sure that she wasn't the same lady who was crying for help." I sigh at how crazy I sound. She walks to her desk where the cash-register is. I realize how foolish I look behind this clothing-rack, so I follow. She searches for the right keys on the band her neck. She uses them to open a drawer and gets out a wallet, examines it, pulls out a white business card and hands it to me. The card read: Tim McDormoth, Psychiatris. "He helped me out when my husband died of a cancer. And trust me--- I was a mess! If he could've straightened me out at that time, then he could help anybody!" "I'm sorry to hear that." I say. She places her hand on my shoulder, looks me eye-to-eye and says, "No. I'm sorry for you." The words paired with the smile on her face didn't look sencere at all. She seemed so sarcastic, like she was threatening me. Like she's mad at me for the loss of her husband. I take the words very negatively. I could just feel something bad coming from her; maybe revenge. I could just feel it in my gut! And my gut actually never gets things wrong. I shake her hand off my shoulder with a role. My first instink is to walk out of the store. "Wait, don't walk out. Wasn't there someone after you?" Lea says. I stop shy from the door, knowing how right she is. I just don't know if Lea is mad at me, or is she cares. I'm at the middle of the door, not knowing who could be the biggest monster, The red-dressed lady, Lea, or my sudden insanity. This monster is just wanting to hit someone in the gut and run off where I could be alone just like the way things use to be, before Oz. Before feeling truly worth something to someone. The answer to my wishes come as Dylan's Range Rover drives up to the sidewalk. He gets out. I've never seeked him so much. Never needed him so much then I have been on this confusing day. Just wishing he'd set things straight, or bring some sanity back into me, and keep me safe. He walks over with his curly-locks boincing in the rhythm of his steps. He grabs my hand and asks, "What happened? Isn't your car across the street?" He points to my Jeep. I just ran so mindlessly that I forgot I even had a car. "I'll explain when we get in your car." As he walks me out the door, I hear that scratchy, high-pitched voice yell out, "I didn't forget you!" I let out a high-pitched squeak, jumping back so far that I fall on the sidewalks pavement. I can't believe she's been waiting there for me this whole time! Dylan stands on his ground as he yells out, "I don't know who you are, but stay away from her!" He takes a few steps back to keep me covered in the back of his long, jean-covered legs. She sternly points her head at my face, making me flinch. "I'll call the cops!" Dylan says. she stairs at him with the scariest blue-eyes I've ever seen. It's not what they look like that scares me, but it's what they hold. She starts to walk away from us, not willing to get in jail for killing me. Dylan leads me into his car. Truly showing me who's my biggest hero.
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