The Wonders of Oz

ATTENTION: this is a sequel to "The Foreigners Of Oz" I suggest you read that first. DESCRIPTION: many things are changing now that Sara and Dylan have found each-other in Kansas. Sara will gain people and lose people in her life, as her and Dylan's love is tested.


5. Chapter five "Precious Moments"

Me, Dylan, Abigail & Sara are listening to the performers killing it. We've already seen most of the show. Now we're witnessing the performance I've been waiting for--- Taylor Swift! "Oh my gosh, I have a crazy idea that you's are gonna love!" Sara shouts over the croud and music. "What?" We all ask at once, making a mixed melodie. "Why don't we and Ab try and get back stage passes or something?" "Like that'll happen." Abigail says, with a role of her eyes. "It won't hurt if we try!" "I think you should try it." Dylan says. Sara places her arm on his shoulder and says, "You see guys? Dylan gets me." "Fine." Abigail says, as Sara grabs and pulls her hand, walking away with her. "Do you really think they'll get through with it?" I ask Dylan. "No, I just wanted some alone time." I laugh, as he grabs my face and starts kissing me. I stop, looking at his beautiful, angelic, almost childlike face. Moving a curly hair away from his face, looking into his deep-grey eyes. "I love you." I say, just above a whisper, knowing that he probably can't hear me behind the music anyway, sure could just read my lips. "I love you too. I know that I would still be in Oz, in danger if you weren't to come into my life." He says, I just slip deep into his words, as we start kissing again, until we get cut off by Sara yelling, "We got a fuggin backstage pass!" "Really?" I ask. "Yeah! I was just making up an excuse to give you and Sara some alone time, I didnt think it would really happen." "I still don't know how she did it." Abigail says. "If we wanna catch Taylor, then we gotta get going!" Sara says. We start walking/running out. When we get away from the crowd, my phone starts ringing. It says: Mom. I hold the phone to my face and answer. "Hello?" "Honey, you need to get here." She says, sternly. "Why, mom? We're going to meet Taylor Swift." She breathes shakingly and says, "Your grandmother doesn't have much time." I could feel my heart stop for a split second after half hearing her words. I stop walking. "What? It's pretty loud. I don't know if I heard you right." "I said she doesn't have much time. She's old. You need to get here because you know how she loves you so much." She says, sounding happy, even though I could hear her voice weakening. I hang-up and just stand there, watching the girls walking ahead of me, as Dulan has been by my side throughout the phone call. "What's the matter?" He asks, concern in his voice. "I, I need to get out of here." I say, with a studdar. "Why, what happened?" "Well, basically, my mother just called and told me that my grandmother is dying!" I snap. He places his palm on my shoulder, and says, "Don't worry, Sara. I'll go get the girls and we'll go back to your house. You just stay here." I nod as he jogs to catch up with the girls, already far away.
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