crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


10. what do i do?

i drive to starbucks just as it turns 2 o'clock. i get of the car and i see drake i come over to him and sit across from him.

"hey, drake"

"hey beautiful" he smiles

i order a drink and take my phone out and put it on the table.

"i brought a friend with me." he says

"who?" before he could anwser i see a familar face come over here and sit down next to drake.

"hey mary" he smiles

"matt?" mattt was drakes best friend that i hooked up with to get him back.

"yea suprised to see me?" he smirks

i look at drake "what are you up to?"

"just getting what i want." he smiles

i laugh "so you needed some back up."

he looks at matt "you could say that."

"look im gonna make a deal with you."

"ok shoot." drake says

"you leave cody and me alone and i wont send thoughs pictures to the police."

"hmmm you know i could just go over and shoot pretty boy right now."

"yea and if you did the police would be waiting at your house and looking for you to arrest you for 25 years in prison."

"look all i want is you." he grabs my hand

codys POV

i get in my car after she leave and go to starbucks i stay in my car where i still have a view inside. just as i pull up i see her. shes sitting across from drake and theres another guy. i see him grab her hand.

marys POV

i looke at matt "why are you here?"

"drake said he needed some help getting rid of someone."

"your not going to hurt him drake i look down ill do whatever you want."

"good." he smiles

"but, if you even touch him with one finger i swear to god ill have you arrested in less than a minute."

"do as i say and i wont."

"you have to leave after."

"babe im not going anywhere."

i sigh i new he wouldent leave which mean i will have to let cody go for now. drake leans over and kisses me i dont pull away.

codys POV

i see him kiss her and i just want to run out and kick his ass but i just watch. she dosent pull away "what is going on?" i say to my self should i get out and go in or should i pretend im not here?

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