crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


3. the truth

I wake up to the door bell i climb out of bed and fix my hairs. i go down stairs rubbing my eyes still half asleep. i open the door.

"hi mary." says i familiar voice

"i look up drake what the hell are you doing here!?" drakes my ex boyfriend and hes my EX for a very good reason.

"just thought i would drop bye."

"this isn't funny drake leave."

"why i just got here." he smirked

i start to shut the door on him when he puts his hand on the door "can i come in?"

"NO." i say firmly

he pushes the door open walks in and puts his hands on my waste "come on babe dont be like that."

"get away from me." i push him back

he smiles "come on babe."

"get the hell out of my house!" He puts his hands on my neck and kisses me. just as he dose that cody walks up to the door. i push drake

"wtf!? drake"

"mary?" cody says

i look at him then at drake "leave now!"

drake looks at cody "already moved on to a new guy huh?"

"shut up drake." i say

"you know how to shut me up mary." he puts his hands on my hips

"why dont you leave her alone." cody says drake turns around and looks at cody.

"drake..." i warn

"why? so you could have this slut to yourself?"

cody stares at him "she is not a slut, shes a beautiful girl."

drake laughs

"drake just please leave."

"ill leave when i get what i want."

"i look at cody ill see you later, you should go."

"no im not leaveing you here alone with him,"

"what are you here body guard?" drake asks

"why dont you back off and leave her alone."

"so mary what lies did you tell this one." drake says pointing to cody

"drake don't..." my phone starts to ring

"let me guess the police?" drake laughs. i kick him in the ball he falls to the floor

"dumb bitch."

i look at my phone. he gets up and smiles "whats wrong babe."

"drake... what the hell did you just do?"



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