crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


13. the party pt. 2

i read the paper:  the plan 1. find mary 2. bang her 3. make cody hate her 4. make matt pay for what he did 5. make her fall in love with me. WTF?! i stare the the paper. i look at him and then fold the piece of paper and put it in my purce. i look through the rest of his pockets and find nothing else. i then see something hanging out of him shoe i take off his shoe and look at it. its a little bottle of white powder. i cant tell what it is so i put it in my purce. i get up and try to find matt.

"hey mary."  jake says

"hey." i say still looking for matt.

"wanna make out now?" he smiles

"sorry i gotta find matt its important."

"i know where he is ill take you to him."

"ok." i follow him up stairs he opend the door to a room and says "hes in there." i walk in but, before i can react to what he did he closes and locks the door.

"what are you doing."

"you." he smirks

"you remind me alot of drake."

"is that a good or bad thing?"

"for drake good for everyone else bad."

he laughs "come on you owe me." he stays walking closer to me, i think about this drake would be so mad if he saw or found out i made out with jake. he wound be even more mad if he saw it.

"ill make you a deal."

"a deal?"

"ill make out with you as long as drake sees."

"are you kidding? drake would kick my ass."

"i wont let him please and plus youll make him jelous while kissing me."

he looks at me not sure what to say.

"fine but, you have to take me to the hospital when he beats me up."

"your going to fight him back."

"drake? how would i win?"

"you have to win" i start to walk out of the door.

"but, its drake!."

"try." i say going back down stairs.

i see matt and i walk to him.

"sup." he says looking at me.

"what is this." i say holding up the powder

"idk" he looks away

"im not playing games matt what is it?"

he sighs and then says "he put it in your drink."

"what would it have made me do."

"its a rapeing powder." he looks down

i put my hand over my mouth "omg"

"i cant believe you would let that happen." i look him in the eye

"im sorry."

"i know your on his side."

"please just trust me."

"how can i."

"like this." he pulls me close and presses his lips against mine.

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