crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


12. the party pt. 1

he stares at me "i meet you."

i back away "your fucking me right?"

"i wish i was." he says grabbing my butt.

i push him off and grab my bag and look through it. "you and cody make a cute couple."

i look at him "are you high."

he laughs "but where cuter."

"you had your chance."

"i was wrong not to take it but will you please just give me another chance."

"ill give you another chance when you stop smoking weed."

"deal." he says smirking.

"alright well this was fun but its 7:30 so lets go."

"do you wanna just stay here?" he says pulling me in close.

"nope." i grab my bag and go down stairs

i see matt looking through my other purce "hey matt." i say stareing at him.

he looks at me "oh hey mary."

"looking for something?"

"nope i just dropped something and i was looking for it."

"drop the act matt i know what your looking for and it is sure as hell not in there."

i grab my keys and say "ready to go?"

we all get into the car and drake drives. we get at this huge party and i look at the house.

"whos house is this?"

"a friend of mine drake says." we get out of the car and walk in. drake walks us over to a guy.

"hey mary this is jake its his party,"

"cool." i say rolling my eyes

he grabs my arm and squeeses it hard. i bit my lip

"i mean cool party."

"lets go get some drinks babe." i follow him.

"you better lose that attatude." he winks at me and hands me a drink. i take it

i look around and he takes me to dance when some one knocks into me and i spill my drink all over me.

"shit can you go get me a towel?"

"yea hold my drink." i take his drink and watches as he leaves i bring the drink to the table and take out my purce. i grab the pill i put it in his drink and i watch is dissolve.

"what are you doing?" jake says coming over to me.

"nothing you need to worry about and say if you say anything i swear to god ill ruin you."

"how about you make out with me and i wont tell him."

"deal, hes coming back remember you dident see anything."

he walks away and i hand him his drink and i take the towel and dry off

he chugs his whole drink and i watch him he goes absolutly insane i take out my phone and video tape him. hes danceing on the table, taking off his shirt, then his pants, running around and making a fool of himself i start to laugh.

"so this was your plan?" i turn around and see matt

"yea pretty funny huh?"

"drakes gonna really hurt you one day."

"yea but, why do you care."

"you know i care about you."

"know i really dont." i say shaking my head

"i dont want to see him hurt you, you know i have no control over him."

"i know, so why are you on his side."

"im not."

"then help me." i turn back around still video tapeing him and laughing. he finally passes out on the couch. i walk over to him and search his pockets. i find his wallet and take it to open it. i look through it and find a picture of me. i look through his other pockets and find a piece of paper folded. i unfold the piece of paper and read it. i cant believe what i just read.

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