crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


18. the mourning after

I know i may have taken my plan a little far but im gonna break drake. i get up and put on my clothes. i go to the kitchen and get some food. i see if hes still sleeping and i start looking throw his stuff. i find his phone

"damnit its locked." i put the phone in my pocket. i sneak out the door and walk home. it was a long walk home but, it gave me time to think. i start thinking about cody and how perfectly gorgeous he is. A car pulls up and stops next to me.

"hey mary." jake said

"so your following me now?"

"no i just saw you. do you need a ride?" he laughs

thinks for a secound "yeah acctually i do." i get into his car. I think he might be useful he might have some dirt on drake,

"drakes told me alot about you."

"really? what does he tell you?"

"how beautiful and great you are."

"how do you know drake?" i ask

"i meet his at a party a couple of years ago."

he continues... "so about that kiss."

"you not gonna let that go are you." i laugh

"nope." he smiles

i was gonna ask him for drakes passcode but i cant risk jake telling him.

"mary we need to talk about drake i care about you."

"you dont know me." i say looking at him

"hes dangerous."

"i know"

"if he caught you looking in his trunk... idk even know what he would do."

"i know what he would do, i know drake a hell of a lot better than you do."

"just watch out ok?"

"i think you know something." i look in his eyes

"you need to stop playing games mary..."

"thats what i do jake i play games."

the car ride was silent to my house then i turn to him.

"i never told you where i lived."

when he dosent anwser i kiss him on the cheek and get out of the car. i watch as the car drives off. i go inside. i hear someone up stair, i grab the gun out of my purce and go up to my room where i hear the noise. i go into my room and see matt i put the gun away.

"still looking?"

he turns around startled

"i know what your looking for its for drake and your not getting it."

"mary im trying to protect you."

"you know my hiding spots matt there all over and youll never find them."

"mary your going to get hurt."

"im not getting hurt this time he is."

"you know you cant play with him like this."

"give him a message for me: he will get his phone back when i get some anwser."

"you took his phone!?"

"get out matt."



he leaves without saying another word. locks my house up and puts the gun on my desk. i pull out his phone and try to crack his code "damnit!"


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