crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


14. the kiss

as our lips meet i want to pull away so bad but i cant. i think im acctually enjoying this but why? and how? he poulls my hips in closer to him. he pulls away and puts his finger to his mouth makeing a shhhhh sound. as he walks away im frozen i have no idea what to do. what did i get myself in to?

"i thought that was supose to be me."' jake said

"wheres drake?"

"still past out on the couch."

i walk over to him and find him laying there. i see his jacket and i look through the pockets. i find his keys and a gun. i pause, i look around to see if anyones watching and i put the gun in my pocket and take the keys. i sneek out the door and get to his car. i open the door and start to look around in the glove compartment i found a folder. i take it out and open it. It has everything about me, my birthday, where i live everything. i put it back and open the trunk.

i look through it and find pictures of me at my house, through my window, at starbucks almost everywhere. i find a phone and i take it out and look through it att the calls are from a unkown person. someones calling the phone what a suprise...

the caller id says unkown. i anwser


"who is this." said the mans voice

"One of drakes friends who is this?"

"wheres drake." said the man

"why are you calling this phone? who are you?"

"is this... mary?"

"how do you know my name?"

"you better stop digging for anwsers, you might brake a nail." the next thing i hear is a dial tone.

"wtf!" i say putting the phone back.

"mary! what are you doing!?"

"nothing." i say shutting the trunk

"i know i dont know you but i know drake and you need to be careful, i wont be with you all the time."

"i dont need you to, i know what im doing." i say walking back in.

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