crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


4. i have to protect you

"cody you need to leave right now please." i say

"mary, i cant just tell me whats going on." cody begs

"you heard her pretty boy get out of here."

"why dont you shut the hell up." i watch as drakes face turns to angry. i grab his arm and make him look at me.

"dont..." i look at cody "please cody i dont want you to get hurt."

"and what about you?" he says grabbing my hand.

i pull my hand back "look cody your not my boyfriend you dont need to protect me." i snap

"im sorry i just care about you."

"why i dont even know you leave!" i hated saying that pretending that i dident love him, That i wanted him to leave which i dident. It was the only way to protect him. it worked he left i sighed.

"damn there goes another one."

"i am not gonna let you ruin it for me and cody you may have done it in the past but not now."

"what about you and me?" he put his hands on my butt. i take them off

"there is know you and me got it?"

"How many people did you send that to?"

"only you for now." he smiles and walks away i shut the door and lean aganst it. i call cody he ignores me so i texts him.

text to cody: please we need to talk.

text from cody: fine then talk.

text to cody: i swear cody i didn't mean thoughs things.

text from cody: then why did you say them?

text to cody: i had to get you to leave you dont understand.

text from cody: clearly i don't

text to cody: drakes a really bad guy and i need to tell you something in person.

text from cody: he said you lied to me did you?

text to cody: yes but theres a reason just let me explain, i really like you.

text from cody: them why did you tell drake you didn't.

text to cody: to protect you can you meet me at starbuck at 2?

text from cody: sure

i put my phone down and kick the chair across my room.


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