crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


8. i cant do this anymore

i look at drake "I cant do this anymore."

"babe please i really like you."

"know you dont!"

he pushes me aganst the wall and i hit my head "ow." i hold my head.

"if you dont do what i want then im gonna tell pretty boy everything."

i grab him by his shirt and push him against the wall "do that and the police will be at your house arresting you for murder."

"you killed him."

"i know but i have the evidence and i will frame you so go ahead and tell him everything."

"you evil bitch."

"i know." i laugh

i let go of him

he smiles "you fool alot of people, but not me."

"you scare alot of people , but not me."

he nods.

"your not getting away this time and im gonna do everything i can to bring you down."

"good luck, but if you dident already know i always get what i want."

he leaves and i slam the door. i run back up stairs to my phone and text cody.

text to cody: hey i um got the results...

text from cody: oh no....

text to cody: IM NOT PREGNANT!

text from cody: thats great!

text to cody: well i gtg see you later:)

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