crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


16. drakes house

"i know you think drake wont hurt you but he will" matt said walking towards me.

"i can deal with drake myself."

"i care about you mary." matt said

"Then why are you working with drake?"

"im not you dont understand."

"then explain it to me." i say

'i cant please just trust me." he said grabbing my hand.

"i found something in his trunk." i say looking at him.

"you went into his car! ugh damn it mary."

"i found coke and a phone. The phone rang and i anwsered it. It was a guy and well..."

"well what?" he said

"he new who i was."

"you need to stay out of it."

"no! i cant just stop now do you know something?"

"where not always going to be hear to save you from him."

"thats the thing i dont need you to stop him." i say

"i have another plan."

"oh god mary." i take out his keys and press it into something to make the shape of it stay there. i drop the keys on the ground. as drake comes back over i pick up the keys.

"heres your keys drake." i smile

"so you wanna get out of here?"

"i wanna go home." i say

"to my place."

i think about it for a second the i say "anything to get out of here."

he smirks then says "ok lets go."

we get into his car and he drives to his place. we get to this appartment building not big but, not small eaither. we walk in and i ask "wheres the bathroom?"

"down the hall second door on the right."

i go down the hall and look back to see if hes watching. i close the bathroom door and go to the next door and open it. Its his room and i start to look around. i find his phone and i look through it i find some guy named ricky hes been talking to. i hear him call my name and i put the phone in my purce and walk out. i walk back in to the room hes in and put my purce down.

"so what do you wanna do?" he smirks

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