crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


15. drakes awake

"wait." he said catching up to me.

"your not my babysitter."

"i just dont want you to get hurt please listen to me." he says grabbing my hand stopping me from walking.

"i didn't come here for the party i came hear to find out what drakes up to."

"you need to stop you really dont know what gonna come at you." he said

"i know what drakes cappable of im not just some slutty girl im a real person!"

"please becareful." he kisses my hand and walks back inside.

i sigh and walk back in. i look up and my heart sinks... i see drake. He looks pist. he walks over to me.

"where have you been?"

"just hanging out how about you?" i smirk

"its kinda weird i had some stuff on me, you wouldent happen to know where that stuff is right?" he said grabbing my arm squeeseing it very hard.

"no, i dont know where your stuff is." i manage to say

"good would you like a drink?"


my phone starts to ring "i got to take this." i walk out of the house


"hey mary its cody."

"oh whats up?"

"do you wanna meet for drinks tommorrow?"

"drinks?" i say

"yea, like coffee or tea."

"oh yea sure pick me up at 12?"

"sure see you tommorrow."

"bye." i say as i hang up.

i walk back in "can we go home?"

"why do you wanna go home?" he said putting his hands on my hips

"i-im just tired."

"thats a pretty big bag what do you have in it?"

"nothing you need to be worried about."

"tell me whats in it!" he yells digging his nails into me.

"i dont have your freaking stuff!" i say pushing him back.

"woah drake relax i have your stuff." drake follows him and i take a deep breathe



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