crazy but true

When a 17 year old girl named mary moves to australia. She meets cody simpson a famous singer. they fall inlove. But can mary keep every thing she did in america a secret. or will she have to move again...


2. best day ever

I spent the whole night unpacking my things. i finally am all unpacked putting my last thing in my closet when i hear the door bell. i look into the mirrior makeing sure i look ok just incase its cody. I run down stairs and open the door."

"hey mary!" cody says happily

i smile "hey cody."

"i forgot to get your number so i came over here to ask if you where ready to go now."

"yes, let me just get my bag." i grab my bag and shut the door behind me and follow him. He has a beautiful dark blue convertable. i get in and he starts to drive. i put my number into his phone.

"so i thought i would take you to my favorite resturant."

"yea sounds good." i cant even believe im here next to the hottest guy i have ever seen. my phone rings and i take it out and look at it i sigh and ignore it.

"you ok?" he asks

"yea its just my ex boyfriend."


"sorry i say so what resturant are we going to?"

"thats a suprise he says." i smile this is defentaly the best day ever. my phone rings again and i ignore it.

"why did u guys break up? not to sound noisy or anything."

"its kind of a long story but he cheated on me." thats what i have been telling every one but its not even close to what really happend. i hate lyeing to him and everyone but i have know choice. what he did was so awful i cant stand to talk about it but i cant say it was all his fault. another reason i cant tell.

"oh ok so where did you use to live."

"i lived in alot of places but the last place was in california."

"this wasent the first time you moved?"

"no i moved about 20 different places."

"wow, how come?"

"my moms job has to move many different places." another lie, i hate this but i cant tell him the truth not yet. i hope he dosent hate me but ive changed im not who i use to be or else i wouldent be here. we then get to the resturant i get out and look around.

"its so nice here." he takes my hand and gets us a table. we sit down and i order a water.

" do you like it here so far?"

"i love it here!"

"good." he says. i look around and notice that every one is stareing at us.

"ummm cody?"


"why is everyone staring at us."

"its probably because everyone knows everyone here and  your new."

"but, most of them are starring at you." i say

"well if you havent noticed im kind of adorable." we both laugh. its true hes more than adorable and hes amazing. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I think i am.

he takes my hand i smile "when i first saw you i feel in love with you." i am legit dieing inside i cant believe he just said that i want to scream and kiss him but i know i cant im speachless

i smile and say "me to." after we leave and get into his car he leens over puts his hand on my cheeck and softly touches his lips with mine. That was the best kiss i have ever had i wanted to faint. i wanted to keep kissing him but i had to go home. i dident sleep that night but not beacause of the kiss because if he ever finds out my past he will probably never kiss me again...

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