R5 Imagines

These are more R5 Imagines becauses it seemed like alot of people liked them.


3. Ross

Imagine that you have been waiting in line for an hour to get R5 tickets. You're the first person in line and you're so happy that you'll get the tickets in less than 30 minutes. When, you buy the tickets you ae getting a VIP pass so you'll be in the first row. "Hi everybody! We're so glad that everybody is waiting just to get tickets for our show." You turn around and see R5 right in front of you. "Are you the first person?" That was Ross. "Yea." You start to blush. "Well, since your the first person you get to spend four hours with us before the show as a thank you for waiting in line." "Omg!! Really!! Thank you so much!!" You are super excited and can't wait. "No, thank you for being such a great fan." Ross smiles at you, "Also, would you like to hang out at my house today?" "Sure. I'd love too." You go over to his house and stay the whole night. The night day you spend the whole day with them before the concert and get to stay and watch it right in the front row.

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