R5 Imagines

These are more R5 Imagines becauses it seemed like alot of people liked them.


2. Ross and Ryland

Imagine that you’re at the beach tanning with your best friend, Ashley. “This is perfect weather for tanning. I needed it I was so pale.” You say while putting on your sunglasses. “I know right. I was paler than a vampire.” You both laugh. There were seats open on both sides of you and Ashley because the beach wasn’t crowd. Two guys walk up to both of you and say, “Are these seats taken?” “No.” you and Ashley say smiling. They both sit down. The guy next to you says, “Hi, I’m Ross.” “Hi, I’m Emma.” You smile at him. The guy next to Ashley says, “Hi, I’m Ryland.” “Hi, I’m Ashley.” She starts to blush. You guys both talk the whole time and when you and Ashley need to go you guys say, “We’ve got to go we’re sorry. Bye.” Ross walks up to you and says, “Would you like to hang out sometime? Here’s my number call me.” He blushes. “I would love to.” Then Ryland walks up to Ashley and says, “Would you like to go to the movies sometime?” “Sure I’d love to. Here’s my number.” You guys say goodbye then leave. Once they’re far enough away you guys jump up and down and yell. “This was the best day ever!!” You say. “I know right!!”
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