R5 Imagines

These are more R5 Imagines becauses it seemed like alot of people liked them.


5. All the guys

Imagine Rydell, your best friend, invites you to spend the night at her house. "All my brothers and Ratliff are going to be there." "Ok I can't wait!" When you finally get to her house Rydell knocks on the door. "Hi Rydell." All the guys say in unison and give her a big hug. "Who's your friend?" Riker says. "This is Emma and she's spending the night tonight." All the guys look at you and smile. "Hi." You get really shy sometimes. "Do you wanna go to my room?" "Sure, I'd love to." You and Rydell walk upstairs and all the guys follow you. "Can we come in?" They all make a pleading look. "Nope, sorry guys this is a girls night." You sit down on Rydell's bed while she locks the door. Then, you hear a gutitar outside the door, ross starts to sing 'Love me.' The next voice you hear is Riker's. Then, Ryland starts singing. The, Ratliff. Then, Rocky. It continues for the whole night.
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