What Ifs: One Direction Styled

Some What ifs or imagines if you knew or met or were in a relationship with One Direction. It's told so you are the main character. Please don't be afraid to put out suggestions.


10. Worst Fears

Zayn: You've been afraid of water ever since you were a little kid. You thought that you'd disappear under the dark waves and never be found again. That the cold would seep through your bones and chill you. You had nightmares almost every night after your brother almost drowned. One day after waking up from a nightmare screaming, your boyfriend Zayn, offered to help you get over your fear. "We'll start out small and slowly make our way up." "But you can't swim. Plus you're afraid of water to." "I got lessons from Liam. C'mon just trust me." You reluctantly agree and the next day He tells you to put on a swim suit then meet him in the bathroom. You put on your lime colored bikini with pink, black, and white Aztec design, and lime green swim shorts. You head to the bathroom. Zayn was wearing white swim trunks. "First, you're looking good babe. Second, get in the tub." You look at the tub to see it filled to the brim with water. "Are you serious?" "C'mon we're making our way up." You sigh before slowly putting one foot in the tub. It was ice cold. "Zayn, it's freezing!" "Just get in." You put your entire body in the tub and sit there for a second. Your hydrophobia wasn't reacting so you just say there shivering. "Okay, c'mon." Zayn helps you get out and gives you a towel. "On to the next one!" He shouts before dragging you outside. "Get in the kiddie pool." Zayn says casually leaning against the door. You sigh before getting in the kiddie pool. It barely was enough to go up to your belly button when you sat down. Zayn helps you get out then walks you to his outdoor pool which was about 20x bigger than the kiddie pool. "Okay now get in the pool." You looked in the pool a little nervously. "I can't Zayn." "C'mon boo. I'll go in with you." He grabs you by your waist and leads you down the steps. He walks in the water, moving deeper in slowly. You held on to him tightly,afraid he'll let go. When you couldn't feel the bottom of the pool anymore you began to freak out. Zayn held on to your waist tighter, paddling harder to keep the two of you afloat. "Now Y/n, I'm going to let you go. I want you to paddle. Try kicking with your legs and moving your arms like how I should you earlier. Okay?" You nod not trusting your possibly small voice. He slowly lets go. You try paddling like how he should you. When you started to sink, you kicked your legs and moved your arms in wide circles. Still you sank. You started thrashing, letting your fear of drowning take over. You squirmed until you felt arms go around you. You went still letting Zayn bring you back to the surface. He sat you on the ledge of the pool and rested his head next to your leg. "Oh my god Zayn, I could've died!" You said with wide eyes. He gave you a tired laugh. "You were doing good. Practice makes perfect." Against your better judgement you let Zayn teach you how to swim. After 3 weeks, you can swim almost as good as him. "Okay onto the ocean." Zayn said stopping his car at the beach. You get out the car and start walking to the water until you see how dark and menacing it looked. You weren't ready, you decided then. "Zayn! I'm not ready for this! I'm not ready!" You said nearly going into a panic attack. Tears streamed down your face as you tried getting the picture of your brother almost dying out of your head. Zayn grabbed your arms and pulled you close. "Shush, shush. Y/n, y/n look at me. We don't have to do this right now. You're doing so good but we can wait until you're ready." He holds you as you slowly stop panicking. You told him you'll try again when you're ready. And almost 2 months later you were. You did better then you thought you ever would surprising both Zayn and the boys who had decided to tag along. 
Liam: You've always been claustrophobic ever since you were a child and were trapped in the pantry. You felt like you were having a panic attack or something. And you couldn't breathe. Having not had any claustrophobia problems in a long time, you assume it went away or you got used to small spaces. So when Liam asked you if you could go to the mall to accompany him in buying new shoes, you agreed without much of a second thought. You dressed quickly and left with Liam for the mall. You told Liam about your past claustrophobia issues before so he always kept his eye on you whenever you went somewhere crowded. "Are you okay?" He asked when you entered the mall. It wasn't really that crowded so you nod. "I'm okay Liam." The two of you walk deeper into the mall. The deeper you go, the more crowded it gets. You feel that familiar pressure on your chest. You could feel your brain throb as you bump into strangers. Everyone was so close you felt like you were going to scream. Suddenly the warm hand holding yours disappears. "Liam!" You scream looking around. You start freaking out. You pull at your hair looking around. You quickly head to a less crowed corner of the mall and sit on the floor covering your face trying to calm down. "Y/n! Y/n!" You hear someone call your name. "Liam!" You shout still not looking up. Warm arms wrap around you. You know it's Liam because of his cologne. "Oh y/n." You cry in his shoulder and cling to him like a one year old who's afraid their mother will leave them. He holds you close. "C'mon forget the shoes, let's just go home." He lifts you up on his back and carries you to his car. You don't mutter a single word but hold on to him as if your life depended on it. 
Niall: You're sitting on your bed reading a book when you see something crawling on your bed. You scream and jump up and hold a pillow to your face thinking it'll protect you. "Niall!! Help me!!" Niall comes running into the room. He looks around expecting to see a murderer or a burglar. You point to the bed. When he sees the spider, he laughs before grabbing a tissue to kill it. To him it was a spider, to you it was a death machine because you had Arachnophobia. "C'mon Y/n, it's okay." You still have wide eyes and are breathing hard. "I was contemplating setting the house on fire!" You shout. Niall grabs you by your waist and kisses your cheek. "Come on I'll always rescue my princess from the scary dragon." He lifts you up bridal style and carried you downstairs to eat a spider free dinner. 
Louis: You've inherited your Achluophobia from your mom. You were nearly 20 but still needed a night light. For some reason darkness terrified you. The lights always had to be on. Always. You had gone to sleep during a thunderstorm when a loud crack of thunder woke you up. You look around and instantly wish you were still asleep. It was dark. Like cant even see your hand in front if your face dark. You feel around your bed for your boyfriend Louis. But your bed was empty. "Louis." You whisper to yourself. Instantly your phobia clouds your mind. You heart starts to pound as you think of what might lurk in the shadows. You cover your eyes and hide your face as the tears fall. You couldn't breathe. You were terrified. The storm wasn't making you feel any better. You imagined an invisible force walking through the dark towards you, or a figure outside tapping on your window which blended in with the hard rain fall. "Louis!" You shout. You couldn't handle it. There was this pressure on you. You thought you were going to die of fright when warm arms wrap around you and hold you close. You scream at first until you realize it's Louis. "It's okay I'm here. The storm must have knocked the electricity out. C'mon don't be afraid." He shined his flashlight all around showing you that there was nothing in the room. "Louis." You still whimper still terrified. He holds out the flashlights he brought from downstairs. He even builds you a fort. When you and him climb in the fort, he turns on the flashlights and puts on a puppet show until you relax enough to fall asleep. Louis was your light when everything else was dark. 
Harry: You hated being alone. You had Autophobia. It wasn't as common as claustrophobia or arachnophobia but it was real. It scared you nearly to death to be alone. Anything could happen when you were alone. You could get robbed or injured and no one would be there to help you. Your biggest fear was someone breaking in when you were home alone. Since your boyfriend Harry was on tour for long periods of time, you always had a friend stay with you or you stayed with a friend. But one day everyone was gone and it was just you. All alone. You tried not to freak out. You looked over your shoulder constantly when you turned your back and jumped at the smallest sound. "It's totally find it's not like someone really is going to break in the one time you're alone." You reassure yourself. You go to sleep that night terrified out of your mind locked in your bedroom. Early the next morning at like 2, you wake up to the sound of glass breaking. You try to slow down your racing heart. You were all alone. Your phobia kicked in putting a pressure on your chest. You slowly unlock your door and peak downstairs. You see two guys downstairs looking around for stuff. You hold back a scream and slowly go back in your room, slowly locking the door again. Freaking out, you push your bed against the door and go so far as to hide deep in your closet. You pull on our phone, put it on vibrate then text Harry. "Hey Love, I was just thinking about you. What's up? Isn't it like 2 a.m. Over there? Why are you texting so early?" "Freaking out." You manage to write between soft sobs. "What? Is it your phobia?" You shake your head as tears roll down your cheeks. "No Guys Downstairs Broke in." You text in between deep breaths. "Are you serious?" He writes you. "They broke in through the window. I think they're heading upstairs." "Call 911!" "They'll hear me." "I'm calling them now. You're at the flat right?" "Yes I think they're in one of the other rooms." "Stay quiet." You try calming down so they won't hear your sobs. Suddenly the knob to your bedroom turns. You hear someone curse and say that it's locked. "Right outside my door." You write Harry. "Stop texting, stay quiet. Don't scream. The cops will be there in 3 minutes." You take the clothes out of one if Harry's baskets and get in it putting the lid back on. You pray that these guys will just leave you alone. "Someone's in there." You hear someone say. You hold your breath and count the seconds until the cops arrive. You door knobs rattles again. You then hear someone throwing themselves against your door. "It's not budging." You nearly pull out your hair. You felt like you were having a heart attack. Where were the police. You no longer hear voices or sounds. You slowly get out the basket and grab your phone. You open the closet door and see your bedroom door is wide open. Before you can hide, someone grabs you and pulls you into the dark shadows. You suddenly weak up in a cold sweat. "What's wrong babe?" You look over to see Harry, half awake, looking at you with worry. Trying hard to control your breathing, you tell him about your dream. At the end he's holding you to his chest. "Don't worry love that'll never happen because I'll never leave you." He strokes your hair and stays up with you all night talking because you're too anxious too sleep. 


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