What Ifs: One Direction Styled

Some What ifs or imagines if you knew or met or were in a relationship with One Direction. It's told so you are the main character. Please don't be afraid to put out suggestions.


6. What people think of him

Liam: You're at a Barbecue at your mom's house with Liam. When Liam goes to play football with your little brother, you mom takes this as an opportunity to discus your relationship with him. "Y/n, you and Liam are pretty serious." You nod. "Yeah, I didn't think We'd be so close so quickly. What do you think of him?" Your mom smiles. "I love him! He's such a gentleman. He's always checking on you and he's so good with your brothers and sister. I totally approve of him." You can't help yourself. You jump up and hug your mother. "Thanks for your approval." Liam looks up at you with curious eyes. You only give him a thumbs up before going to play dress up with your little sister.
Zayn: "I don't know what you see in him. He's only another one of those bad boys you see ending up in jail later in their life." One of your friends commented while you were walking to class. Your other friend shooed her off. "I love bad boys! Does he smoke? Of course he does he's a bad boy." You roll your eyes a little annoyed. "You know he does have feelings. He may come off as a bad boy or a rebel but he really is a nice guy. He just went through some stuff." Your friend grabbed your arm. "He's just going to pull you down with him. Don't let him ruin you." You brush her off and head to class trying to get those negative thoughts out of your head. 
Harry: Your guy friend sits you down after returning from a party your boyfriend, Harry Styles, hosted. "I don't like him Y/n. There are a lot of rumors saying that he's a player. That he's only using you." You laugh. "There aren't true. That's why they are called rumors." "But rumors are based on some kind of truth. Do you really want to take that chance?" "Look, Harry loves me. If he didn't he wouldn't have waited 3 years for my walls to come down. He would've went on to some girl who was easy. I love that you are concerned. I appreciate it, really, but there is nothing to fear. He loves me and I love him." Your guy friend looks over at Harry who was talking with his mom. "I guess so. But if he hurts you..." "I know, you'll beat him with a crowbar. I got it." The two of you laugh before helping Harry and his mom clean up the messy flat. 
Louis: You walk into the restaurant and spot your friends sitting down at a table. "We already ordered for you." One of your friends says looking away from you. You nod and sit down. "So what did you want to talk about?" You question taking a sip of your coke your friend says was yours. Each of your friends looks at each other before answering. "We think that you should break up with Louis." You nearly choke on your drink. "What?" "He's not good for you. First he's always gone..." "He can't help that." "And he's really stuck up. And sassy. Even for you." "What are you trying to say?" "We just think that Louis is changing you. Turning you into something your not." "Louis isn't doing anything! And he isn't stuck up. He just wants the best for me. He is really nice and sweet and if you can't see that I love him and he loves me then maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore." Your friends gasp a little. "Y/n..." One whispers. You don't wait for their answer. You get up and storm out of the restaurant heading straight to Louis' flat. 
Niall: You grab yours, your mom's, and Niall's plates. "Let me help." Your dad says suddenly lifting up his plate and your younger brother and sisters plates. The two of you walk into the kitchen and start washing the dishes. "So dad, what do you think of Niall?" Your dad looks up. "Nigel?" "No Niall." "Niall, is a very polite young man which is surprisingly uncommon for boys his age. Although he has quite the appetite so I'm not so sure..." "Dad." You say while putting the remaining dishes in the dishwasher. "Okay Y/n. He's a good kid. Just as long as he keeps his hands off of you, we'll be fine." "Dad!" You say a little loudly, your cheeks red with embarrassment. You walk back out carrying the pie. "Who wants pie?" You say with a smile. Niall, your brother, and your two sisters jump up and down with excitement causing you, your dad, and your mom to laugh like retarded seals. 


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