What Ifs: One Direction Styled

Some What ifs or imagines if you knew or met or were in a relationship with One Direction. It's told so you are the main character. Please don't be afraid to put out suggestions.


2. The First Date

Louis: Louis called you on your phone saying to meet him at his house wearing something nice. You quickly put on a curve hugging pink, black, green, and white floral dress that had a puffy skirt, black pumps with bows, a bow headband over your loose flowing curls, pink eye shadow, and pink lipstick. You head over to his house right away. When you open the door, you're instantly greeted with a burning smell. You quickly head to the kitchen to see a few pans filled with burnt food in the sink. Someone from behind wraps their arms around you. "Could you please go into the dining room for your surprise?" You giggle before walking into the dining room. There was a small table covered in many types of food as well as candles, sparking water, and carrots. It wouldn’t be Louis without them. Louis dimmed the lights and pulled a seat out for you. "Thank you Mr. Tomlinson." You say with a loving smile. He gives you a grin. "Okay. Now I know I'm not the best cook and I know I'm not the most romantic guy. I'm probably not the guy you always wanted...” You cut him off by raising your hand. "You're right. You're not the guy I always wanted. You're the guy I always needed." Louis' eyes water a bit. He leans in slowly and gives you a small polite kiss. When he pulls back, he's grinning like a love sick puppy. "Now C'mon Y/n, eat before Niall comes home and eats it for you." You giggle before following through with Louis' wish. You take a bite of pasta and your eyes instantly light up. "It's delicious!" You say happily. "Well we Tomilsons tend to do something good every once in a while." You give him a big grin. "You did excellent Louis. I love you very much. Thank you for all of this." Louis and you both smile at each other before finishing your Italian dinner.



Niall: You lean against your wall watching TV. When you’re watching TV you hear something at your window. Like a tapping noise. You stand up and look at your window. Your boyfriend, Niall, was throwing pebbles at your window trying to get your attention. When he sees you, he gives you a toothy grin. You open the window and lean your head out. "Niall, what are you doing?" Niall bit his lower lip. "I wanted to romantically ask you out on a proper first date... So um... Want to go for a walk to the carnival? It'll be fun, yeah?" You gave him a big grin. "Sure, just give me a few minutes I'll be right down!" Niall gives you a goofy grin before you disappear. You put on a loose white blouse with a red tank top underneath, a navy blue cardigan with the sleeves rolled up, short jean shorts, black cross tights, red converse, gold and red bracelets, and a black leather purse. You put on light make up and a little reddish lip gloss. Your hair was in a messy fishtail braid. You hurried outside to meet Niall. "You look perfect." He gushed. You blushed and grabbed his hand. The two of you walked to the carnival enjoying a bag of chips Niall bought for the two of you. When you guys arrive, there weren’t too many people there which meant more rides since you only had until 5 and it was already 2. "Let's go!" Niall excitedly shouted. The two if you ran from ride to ride, laughing and smiling the entire time. Niall won you an elephant and a cute looking teddy bear you just absolutely loved. "Oh Niall I love it!" You squealed when he gave it to you. You gave the bear a big hug which made Niall pout. "I'm jealous." He mumbled. You giggled. "Of what?" "That bear gets hugs from you." "It's just a bear Ni." "Yeah a bear that gets hugs from you." You smiled. "Ahh, Niallers come here." You give him a tight hug which earns you a grin. "Let's go on the Ferris wheel next!" You say suddenly. Niall agrees and you both wait in line for your turn. When the ride finally stops, Niall helps you get into the caged seat and helps buckle your seat belt. The guy closes the door to the cage. The two of you wait as the rest of the people get on. While you're waiting Niall pulls out the Irish Charm Necklace he always wore. "Here put this on." He says. You gasp a little. "But it’s your favorite necklace!" "I know that's why I'm giving it to you. So everyone will know that you're my girl." Tears fill your eyes a little. Niall gives you a small kiss on the cheek before putting your necklace on just as the ride starts. Your cage turns in a circle making you and Niall turn with it. It suddenly stops with the two of you upside down. "What's happening?" You ask a little scared. Niall wraps an arm around your waist. "It’s fine, y/n." he reassures you. The two of you hear metal grinding against metal. Your cage jerks forward, then back, then forward again. It caught you off guard so you scream. Niall pulls you closer to him kissing your forehead. It took almost two hours to get you guys down. By the time you were down it was 4:50, meaning you had to go home. "I can't believe we wasted all of our time up there! I'm sorry for ruining our first date." You give Niall a small kiss. "You didn't ruin it. I had a great time although being stuck in a cage was kind of terrifying. I can't wait to do this again. Next Week, Saturday?" Niall gives you the biggest grin. "Of course princess." He gives you a small kiss before grabbing your hand and walking you home. 



Zayn: You just get out of the shower, wearing only a towel, when you get a text. You hurry to your room to check it. It read... 'Hey Boo! I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date. Please say yes pretty girl!'

You smiled. Normal guys would take you to the pool or to a nice dinner but Zayn was different and you loved it. 'Sure, where 2 meet you?' Zayn almost instantly replies. ':). Meet me downstairs in 15 minutes. <3.' You quickly write a response before heading to your closet. You decide on a short sleeve white Marvel t-shirt that Zayn said was his favorite on you, Narin Embellished Distressed Skinny Jeans with braces, black converse, Smokey eye shadow, red nail polish, and red lipstick. After quickly fish braiding your hair, you grab your black and red Snapback, black leather jacket, and red hoodie. You put the hoodie on first, then the jacket, then the hat. You quickly head downstairs to see Zayn sitting on your couch chewing gum and looking at his phone. "Hey." You say suspiciously. "Vas Happening?" He says holding up his phone. You see a picture of yourself wearing the most ridiculous clothes making a ridiculous face. "Zayn! How did you get that picture?!" Zayn chuckled. "I have my ways. C'mon let's geta going!" You give him a small pout. Zayn laughs again before leaning down to kiss you. You quickly spin around and hug his waist so he can't kiss you. He gives you a pout making you giggle. "C'mon give me a kiss." He begs. You laugh again. "Just wait. Let's go to our destination first." Zayn looks a little disappointed before taking your hand and leading you outside. It's a little chilly outside for fall so Zayn pulls you close, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. "Okay, we're here!" Zayn announces removing his hands from your eyes. You look around to see the two of you were in a park next to a playground. Zayn had packed you a picnic basket and left it by a tree. "Ohh..." You said slowly. Zayn waited, fidgeting a little. "You hate it don't you? I know it's not anything big but I thought you would like something small you know. I'm just not like other guys... And I'm not so romantic." He trails off. You turn towards him and give him a big smile and hug. "I love it Zayn!" He smiles back tightening your hug. The two of you sit down eating the sandwiches, fruit, fish, and chips Zayn packed. You sip on your juice watching as kids run around. "So what's it gonna take for me to get a kiss?" Zayn teases. You think for a second. "Come here Zanie!" He smiles before leaning closer to you. You lean forward until your bumping noses. "Okay Zayn... Now come closer." He smiled and leaned in more. Just when he was about to kiss you, you stood up and ran to the playground. Zayn chased after you. You hid under the slide thinking he was near the swings. When you look out Zayn pops out scaring you. "Don't do that!" You squeal. Zayn chuckles before leading you to the swings. He gives you a few quick pushes before the two of you lay back on the large slide. You and Zayn listen to music while he plays with your hair and takes funny pictures with you. When the sun begins to set, Zayn sighs. "C'mon Y/n let's get going." You sit up and look at Zayn who was at the bottom of the slide. "C'mon babe, I'll catch you." You give him a skeptic smile before sliding down. Zayn holds his arms out wide waiting for you. When you make it to the bottom, Zayn grabs you and swings you around before giving you a long kiss. "Got you." He whispered in your ear. You can't stop giggling as Zayn gives you pouts and duck faces. "C'mon. Let's go!" You say with a smile. Zayn lifts you up on your back and carries you and the picnic all the way home. 



Liam: Someone grabbed your hand just when you were about to walk into your house. You turn to see Liam, your boyfriend. “Oh hey Liam.” You say while unlocking your door. Liam gives you a grin. “Hey Y/n. Um, do you want to go out… on um… a date?” You turn and look at him to make sure he was serious. “Sure Liam. When?” “Is now good for you?” You look at your mum who was giving you thumbs up. She loved Liam. He was way nicer and more loving than your last boyfriend. “Okay. Just give me two seconds?” He nods before sitting down on the couch beside your mum. You hurry upstairs and put on a sleeveless dress that had a black, crimson, white, and olive green Aztec design on top, and a puffy blue skirt. You put on black flats, a long feather necklace, four golden bracelets, and left your hair down and straight. You walk downstairs and Liam hurries to meet you. “You look gorgeous. I don’t know why you bother to straighten your hair; you look beautiful with it curly.” You blush a little. Liam holds out his hand. “Shall we Y/n?” You nod and grab his hand. He leads you outside and you see a horse drawn carriage. “Liam, is that yours?” Liam looks up a little surprised at first. “Oh, yeah. I thought a nice ride in the park with Penelope would be quite excellent.” You look a little nervous. Liam puts an arm on your shoulder. “C’mon, it’ll be fun.” You cautiously follow Liam to the carriage. He offers you a hand to climb up on the step to get in the carriage. You slowly sit down and Liam sits down beside you. The carriage starts moving. You feel your stomach turn. “Liam, I don’t know about this.” He squeezes your hand. “If you want to get off, I’ll understand.” You look into his child like eyes. “No, it’s fine.” You squeeze his hand tighter and try to enjoy the ride. Eventually the rise gets easier for you. You even give Liam a grin. “See how fun this is Y/n?” You give him a nod. “Why are we only going in circles though Liam?” Liam looks out at the one tree the two of you have been circling for half an hour. “Well, I’m not quite sure actually.” You for some reason burst out laughing. Liam joins in. “What?” Liam asks after the laughter died down. “Oh, nothing. I just love you so much.” Liam gives you a big grin. “Well that’s good to hear because I brought this basket.” He holds up a picnic basket. He opens it and holds out a container of broccoli and cheese soup and two forks. “Oh Liam, I think I love you a little more with each time I talk to you.” Liam gives you a confused look. “I don’t get it.” “It’s okay Lee Yum. Mr. Payne, shall we enjoy our fork and soup picnic?” “We shall Ms. Y/L/N” The two of you sip on your soup and try eating it with a fork which only leads to soup falling on Liam’s face. “I had a great day.” You announce after the carriage stopped at your house. Liam gives you a smile. “That was my mission.” He gives you a soft kiss on the cheek. “Bye Y/n, I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Of course Mr. Payne.” You say with a big smile before closing the door so you can wash the broccoli soup out of your hair.



Harry: You pull on a casual white and pink shirt belt mini dress with the belt being light brown, light brown flats, and sliver bangles. You put in a silver headband and let your hair down in loose curls. “Ready!” You announce to your boyfriend Harry. He gives you a crooked grin which makes you blush. “Here” He says softly before giving you a jean jacket. You put it on with a big smile. Harry grabs your hand and leads you outside to his car. It’s a little dark out so Harry keeps you close to him just in case. (:P) You get in the car and the two of you drive to the movie theatre. After getting some popcorn and candy, the two of you sit down to see the movie Safe Haven. When the movie’s over, Harry grabs your hand and leads you back to the car. Before you know it, the two of you are in a restaurant waiting to eat. You and Harry order quickly and wait for the waitress to return. “You look amazing.” Harry says suddenly. You look up at him and blush. “Thanks Harry, you don’t look so bad yourself.” Harry gives you a cheeky grin. Your waitress comes a little too quickly, swaying her hips dramatically. “Here you are. Anything else?” She asks only to Harry. You squint your eyes a little, expressing your surprise. Harry laughs a little. “No, thanks,” He said only keeping his eyes on you. The waitress left giving you a odd look. “She was totally flirting with you.” Harry laughs again. “What, really? I hadn’t noticed.” You take a bite of your food. “Are you jealous?” You look up quickly. “No of course not. I mean, she likes you. She doesn’t have you.” Harry laughed for the third time making you bite your lip to stop from laughing. “Stop laughing at me.” You say with a grin. Harry’s grin only gets bigger. “C’mon let’s leave, it’s too crowded here.” Harry says. You nod, wanting to get away from the gaze of the lady who was still staring at you. The two of you leave for your house. Harry walks you up to your door step. “Did you have fun?” You laugh. “Surprisingly with how it ended, yes.” “Good.” Harry said softly. He stares at you for a few more seconds before giving you a long kiss. “Okay, same thing tomorrow?” Harry asks. You kiss his cheek. “Of course Harry.” Harry gives you a crooked grin before hugging the life out of you, then leaving. You give him a wave and a big smile before heading inside to fan girl.


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