What Ifs: One Direction Styled

Some What ifs or imagines if you knew or met or were in a relationship with One Direction. It's told so you are the main character. Please don't be afraid to put out suggestions.


1. The Best Friend Confession

Harry: You smile a little as your best friend, Harry Styles, starts singing Grenade by Bruno Mars. He tries getting you to sing along with him. You shake your head and hide from him all around Harry's house. Every time he found you, you would run to the next hiding spot. "I'm gonna find you." He shouted. You giggled under Harry's bed. Eventually it all went silent. You waited and waited but you heard nothing. Suddenly you are pulled out from under the bed. "Got you!" Harry said with a cheeky grin. He tickled you until you could barely take it. "Harry... Stop.... Please!" You said between giggles. He sat gently on top of you and continued tickling. Tears were streaming down your face. Just when you thought you would die of laughter, Harry stopped tickling you and looked you in your eyes. "So beautiful." He said suddenly. Your eyes got big. Harry shook his head as if he were controlling himself and stood up. He helped you get up. There was an awkward silence. You looked at the time. "Oh my gosh. I have to go, my mum's going to flip!" You quickly run downstairs and grabbed your blue and white Varsity jacket that was really Harry's but he let you have it. You pulled on your blue converse and grabbed your black backpack. You opened Harry's front door only to have it closed. You turn to see Harry giving you a small smile, his curls in his eyes a little. "Wait y/n. I have something for you. Can you wait in the kitchen for a few seconds. I'll be right back." You thought if your angry mother and your curfew. But Harry had this sort of sad look in his eyes, you couldn't just leave him when all he wanted to do was show you something. "Okay," you agree," just hurry up." Harry nods before running upstairs. You wait in the kitchen sitting on one of the black stools. You grab a piece of paper and pen and start to write the poem you memorized for the poetry reading at school next week. It was about Harry, your best friend and your secret crush. This was going to be your way of telling him without it getting awkward. You read it to yourself.
"Big brother
Possible lover
Best friend
Love you till the end
Me and you together 
Well make it through now and forever
Me and you no matter what
We fight a lot I must admit but...
I love you and I hope you love me too!"
You sigh before standing up. "Is that true?" You quickly turn to see Harry in the doorway holding a light green present. You nervously gulp. "What?" Harry walks closer to you. "Do you love me?" You look away from his passionate green eyes. "Yes." You whisper so softly you barely heard it yourself. You wait a few pain staking moments before Harry speaks. "It's about time." You look up,surprised, but before you can question, Harry crashes his lips against yours. "I love you to." He opens the present revealing a colorful heart shaped glass with yours and Harry's initials in the middle. You look up at him with tears. He quickly wipes them away before leaning down for another kiss.
Zayn: You stood beside your best friend, Hannah, while she held different dresses to her skinny body. "Do you think Zayn will like this?" She asked you repeatedly. You swallowed back sadness and told her the curve hugging red one would be perfect for your other best friend's party. She gave you a hug before leaving to change into it. Hannah and Zayn had been going out for a few months and it was killing you. You liked no loved Zayn with all your heart Ever since you were 11, but Zayn didn't return your feelings. By the way he's always kissing Hannah when you're around, you assume that they're happily in love. You pull on your Millie Green Bow Mini Dress and Work Women's Spring Pumps With Suede Solid Color And Bows Design. You put on smokey eyeshadow and pink lipstick with lipgloss and put your hair in a cute messy bun. You finish it off with a black clutch. Hannah walks out looking stunning as she always does. "Y/n! You look beautiful! Let's get going" Hannah leads you to her car and drives you to Zayn's party. You get butterflies in your stomach and you feel like you're going to throw up. Hannah gives you a reassuring pat on the back. You both head inside and are met with complete darkness. "What the..." You start but don't finish because the light turns on and everyone yells surprise. You give a nervous smile and a blush. "What is all this?" You question. Hannah gives a sigh. "Be good to him. He's a nice guy." You give her a confused look. She points at the stairs. You look up to see Zayn smiling down at you. He pulls off his dress jacket and pushes a button on a remote. An instrumental begins playing in the background. Zayn starts singing Man Who Cant Be Moved by The Script. Tears roll down your cheeks. "I know you probably want to stay being just friends, I just wanted to let you know that I love you y/n and the me and Hannah thing was just a ploy to make you jealous. I didn't think it would take this long." You give him a teary smile before running to him and crushing your lips against his. "It worked." You say softly before wrapping your arms around Zayn. 
Louis: You lay on your bed looking at the moon. It casts a bright light making it nearly impossible for you to sleep. Even if the moon was gone you couldn't sleep. Your best friend Louis broke your heart just a few weeks ago. He left Manchester for the US and didn't even say goodbye. Your heart was so broken you couldn't get out of bed most of the time. "Louis, I miss you so much. And I love you. I never got the chance to say that when you were here. Please if you somehow can hear me, don't you forget about me." You whisper to the moon hoping it would send your message to New York. Tears rolled down your eyes. You picked up your phone and scrolled through your pictures. Giggling of crying at silly pictures of you and Louis. You close your eyes and try to remember the last thing you said to each other. Your phone starts vibrating. Not being able to see in the dark, you push a random button hoping it's ignore. Your phone instantly stops vibrating. You look at the moon again. Tears roll down your face some more before you start to softly sob. "Why did you leave me Lou? Why?" "I'm sorry." You sit up. Did someone just talk to you? You wait a few more minutes but there's just silence. You sit back down and let your depression take you over. "Y/n. I love you." You sit up once again. This time you heard it. The voice gave a sad chuckle before singing Talking To the Moon by Bruno Mars. You cry at the song but smile when it's over. "Turn around." You hear. You turn to see Louis outside your window. "Louis!" You shout quietly. You open the window and peer out. Louis was sitting on a branch looking up at you. "I'm sorry for hurting you y/n. But I'm back and we can just pick up where we left off. I hadn't meant to hurt..." Before he can finish you give him a big kiss. He pulls away with a crooked grin on his face. "It doesn't matter, Louis. I love you so much." You let Louis climb in your room. You both sit in your bed in each others arms looking at the moon while Louis hums the ending of the perfect song. 
You sigh in frustration as you try taking the cake you baked for your best friend ,Liam, out of the oven. You move your arm up a little and are instantly burned by the hot oven. You jerk your hand back quickly before slumping to the floor, defeated. When you hear Liam open your door, you quickly get up. You grab the juice you made out of the freezer as well as your chocolate cupcakes. "Happy Birthday Liam!" You shout when he walks in the kitchen. He smiles really big. "You remembered! Oh and I see it's sweet themed. How lovely. Thanks a ton." He pulls you into a tight hug. When you pull away, Liam has a sort of longing look in his eyes but it quickly goes away when he smells the air. "Is something burning." You turn to face the oven quickly. You forgot about the cake. You grab your mitts and take the cake out, dropping the dark brown mess in the sink. You take a spoon and scoop up a little bit of the cake. You blow on it until it's cool then take a small bite. You instantly spit out the cake in the garbage. "Taste like rubbish." You say. Liam looks around before spotting your homemade lemonade. "How about a drink, yeah?" He pours you and himself a cup. You take a sip. Your face twists as you taste the sourness of the lemonade. Liam also didn't agree with the lemonade. You're feeling like a total loser until you see the cupcakes. You give one to Liam and take one yourself. You each take a small cautious bite which you both spit out immediately. The cupcakes were burnt and the frosting tastes funny. "I'm a total loser. I spent all this time trying to give you a good sweet themed birthday and for what? Burnt cupcakes and sour punch? I'm the worst friend in history." You cover your face up with your hands as the tears begin to fall. A few seconds later and Liam pulls you into a big reassuring hug. When he pulls back he's smiling. "Oh love, I'm having a great time. Yeah you did make some bad food but who cares? I loved trying it and I loved being here with you and I love you." Your eyes get big as you replay what Liam just said. "You love me? Like love me?" You ask. Liam's cheeks turn red. "Well...yeah. I mean you're very beautiful and funny and sweet... And what's not to love... And I kinda wish we could be more than friends." You give him a goofy grin. "Like boyfriend and girlfriend?" He nodded a little, his cheeks getting redder. You squeal before throwing your arms around him. Liam was a very proper and sweet guy, someone who would treat a woman right. You loved knowing that he was yours. "Okay y/n. now go get dressed. I'm taking you out for dinner." You and Liam share a giggle before slowly leaning in for a small yet sweet kiss. 
Niall: You sit in your room on your bed looking at yourself while doing a twit cam. You were getting a couple of responses like 'you have nice hair. You need a tan. You're ugly. Why are you making a twitcam?' You tried to fight through the tears as you answered questions about your best friend Niall. "Niall's amazing. He's so handsome and talented. Any girl would be lucky to have him." 'So why don't you date?' You seen over and over. You sigh. "I'm too ugly for Niall. I don't have what all these other girls have. I'm not special. I don't even know why he's friends with me." "Don't say that." Niall says suddenly appearing. You jump back. "Niall? What are you ding here?" "We were going to do the book report together remember?" "Oh, yeah. Hey want to meet my fans first?" Niall nods with a small forced smile. You turn your laptop towards Niall. "And here's Mr. Handsome himself. Say hi to the girlies out there." Niall waves. "Hi." You look at the tweets. 'He's hot. I seen what you meant earlier. Yeah, he would never choose you. Nialler is beeutifull!' Tears threatened to fall again. Niall looked over your shoulder at the tweets. "Oh y/n don't listen to them! You don't know how beautiful you are. Everything you do gets me overwhelmed. I can barely control myself when I'm around you." He pulled you into a tight hug. "I love you y/n. I love you with all my heart. Please don't cry. I hate when you cry." You pull away and look into Niall's passionate blue eyes. "What did you say?" He grins. "I said I love you. Now get over here." He leans down and gives you a passionate kiss. You both pull away and giggle. You turn and look at your tweets. 'You go girl! ;). <3. Aww how sweet. Loves you guys!' You give them a big smile and a wave before logging out so you can enjoy your new found live in peace. 


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