What Ifs: One Direction Styled

Some What ifs or imagines if you knew or met or were in a relationship with One Direction. It's told so you are the main character. Please don't be afraid to put out suggestions.


7. Proposal

Louis: "So Lou, I hear you have a special lady." The interviewer asked Louis. You watched the tv between your fingers as Louis laughed. "Yeah, y/n's amazing. She's so perfect. I couldn't ask for anything better." The reporter laughed. "Seems like someone got bit by the love bug." Louis looked directly at the camera like he was talking to you. "Yeah I love her. I wanted to ask her something but I never had the chance..." He got down on one knee and presented to the camera a ring with your birth stone in the middle. "Y/n, will you marry me?" The boys and the reporter all said awe. The reporter's face suddenly lit up. "Y/n's in the back isn't she? Y/n, come on stage so Louis can properly ask you." You felt yourself being pulled on stage. The fans screamed as Louis once again popped the question. Tears rolled down your cheeks. "So what's it going to be Y/n?" The reporter asked. You give Louis a huge smile. "Yes, you crazy boy. I'll marry you!" Louis put the ring on your finger before spinning you around and kissing you repeatedly with a grin on his face. The reporter turned to the camera. "You saw it here folks. Louis' getting married!" The fans roared as Louis and the boys circled around you and gave you a big congratulations hug. 
Liam: You opened your door at the sound of the doorbell. Liam instantly held up two tickets. “We’re going to go see Disney on Ice!” He gushed. A normal boy would cringe at the sound of Disney. But ever since you told Liam that you were stuck on Disney movies, he went all out to make you happy although he himself loved toy story. “Really? Oh my gosh, like when?” “In a couple of hours sweetie go get dressed.” You smiled before hurrying upstairs. You put on a black Minnie Mouse T-shirt and tucked it into tight black jeans. You put a large red cardigan on top. You paired it off with red Minnie Mouse converse and a red Minnie Mouse Headband leaving your curly hair fly freely. You hurried back downstairs. Liam gave you a smile before showing off his black Mickey Mouse t-shirt that he wore under a red sweater and his red converse. “We match!” He said happily. You giggle before letting him lead you to his car. He drove to the place in only a few minutes and you were nearly bouncing with excitement. After buying two slushes and a small popcorn bag, the two of you sit down in your seats and wait for the show to begin. You clap along with the kids as the lights dim to focus on the ice rink. A few faces you instantly recognize skate on the rink. “It’s Woody and Buzz!” Liam nods giving you a knowing smile. You looked back at Woody and Buzz and they seemed to be looking right at you. “Y/n! Y/n over here!” You gasp a little but keep looking. “Y/n, our friend Liam has a little surprise for you.” Suddenly every Disney character, Mulan, Cinderella, Flynn, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, Alice, Nala, and many more come out and did a couple of spins before pointing to a big sign that had bright, colorful lights circling on it. ‘Will You Marry Me?’ You looked over at Liam who was on one knee presenting a Engagement ring which had a red and white polka dot band with three stones, the middle being bigger and a ruby. The right stone was your birthstone and the left stone was Liam's. “So, Y/n, will you marry me?” Tears filled your eyes. “Yes Liam! I will marry you!” And just like the fairy tales you were so crazy about, the prince gave the princess a kiss and they lived happily ever after. (Tad bit corny and awkward. :p)
Zayn: "But Zayn, you can't swim." You protested as Zayn dragged you to the large pool. The two of you were sitting on lawn chairs talking and enjoying the sun when Zayn randomly asked you to go swimming with him. "I can a little. Liam taught me. C'mon it'll be fun." You stood in the knee deep water not daring to go further. "I don't know." Zayn gave you his puppy dog eyes. "Please, for me?" You gave a tired sigh. "Fine but don't yell at me when I have to save you." Zayn chuckles and walks in deeper. You cautiously follow until the two of you are completely covered in water. Zayn goes under the water and you follow. Zayn circles around you like a shark as you watch him. He suddenly points behind you. You turn to see the boys underwater holding up a watery sign. You can barely make it out. you think it says 'Will you Marry me?' You turn back to see Zayn holding out a glass ring. You give him an underwater kiss before pointing up. When the two of you surface, you give him a hug. "You faced your fear for me?" Zayn nods pushing his hair back. "I'd do anything for you boo." You kiss him again, longer then the first time earning you a couple of cat calls from the boys. "Yes." You whisper. The two of you go underwater again and circle around each other before kissing again. 
Niall: You and Niall sat at your table waiting for your food to arrive. Niall was strangely silent which made you a little anxious. "Are you okay Niall?" Niall looks up at you. "Oh um yeah. I'm just... Hungry. Yeah I'm hungry." He looks around for your waiter. When the waiter finally comes, Niall gives off a sigh. Niall ordered Chinese for you. You lift up your fork wanting to take a bite of your noddles when Niall quickly grabs it and eats it. "Niall!" You say a little annoyed. Niall scratches the back if his head. "Please just open up your fortune cookie first." You sigh but agree. You grab your fortune cookie and open it. A ring dropped in your hand. "What the?" You say before reading the message that came with it out loud. "Roses are red. Violets are blue.
My last name is Horan,
Someday it'll be yours too..." You trail off before looking up at Niall. He had the ring you found in his hand and was on one knee in front of you. "Y/n, I love you so much. I need you in my life forever princess. And this is the only way of proving it to everyone. Will you put with my crap and agree to marry me?" You look down at Niall who's eyes were a passionate blue. "Oh Niallers! Yes!" He gave a surprised smile and put the finger on your hand. He grabbed you and spun you around. Everyone around you started cheering. You blush before passionately kissing Niall who for the first time forgot about food. 
Harry: You sat with Harry in the park. The sun was starting to set and you sense it was getting around that time to go home. "Cmon Harry, we should get going." When you stood up to head to the car, Harry grabbed your hand and sat you down. "Um Y/n before we leave I should tell you the truth." You looked at him and patiently waited for him to continue. "Y/n, we've been together 4 years now but I should let you know I'm not happy with our relationship." "What?" You question. "I don't want you as my girlfriend anymore. It's too hard." You felt the tears roll down your cheeks. "Harry." You whisper because a sob was stuck in your throat. "It's too hard because you'll always have guys staring at you. There's always a chance you'll run away with them. I don't want you as my girlfriend anymore, I want you as my wife so I know you're mines and no one else can have you. What do you say Y/n, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?" You look at him with complete surprise. You wait a few moments before laughing and punching him in the arm. "Yes I'll marry you." He gives you a panicked confused look. You quickly explain yourself. "I thought you were breaking up with me. That was not a good way to propose." He laughed before putting the ring on your finger. "Sorry love. I was scared you were going to reject me for a second there." He wipes away pretend sweat. The two of you laugh before kissing then heading home to enjoy your engagement. 


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