What Ifs: One Direction Styled

Some What ifs or imagines if you knew or met or were in a relationship with One Direction. It's told so you are the main character. Please don't be afraid to put out suggestions.


5. Leaves for tour

Leaves For Tour
Zayn: The tears keep flowing down your cheeks as Zayn grabs his last bag. He looks up at you with the greatest pain in his eyes. "You're making this so hard." Zayn teases trying to make you smile. You look away from him so he won't see your pained eyes. He lifts your face up, wipes away the tears, and then gives you a soft kiss. "Y/n, I'm going to miss you so much. Boo please don't cry. I'll call you all the time and I'll visit when I can. It's just going to be 2 months. I promise. Then after that I promise we'll spend every day together. Please don't cry. I want my memory of you to be of you with a smile." You give Zayn a big smile. "Okay Zayn. Just promise you won't forget me. And you'll stay safe. And you'll tell me everything. And watch out for girls, I won't be there to scare them off." You tease. Zayn chuckles before pulling you close and giving you the longest tightest hug you ever got. "I promise. I love you." "I love you to." The two of you kiss before pulling apart at the sound of someone clearing their throat. Harry awkwardly looks around. "So um, yeah it's time to go. Hi Zayn's girl!" You smile and wave. "Hey." Harry smiles back before giving the two of you some privacy. Zayn gives you one of his many sweat shirts, pulls out his cologne, and squirts it a few times on it. "So you'll remember me." He says. You stand up on your tip toes and give him a long and passionate kiss. "So you'll remember me." Zayn gives you a crooked grin, one last hug, and one last kiss. "Bye!" He screams before running after the boys. "Bye Zayn! Make me proud!" You scream back as the tears roll down. 
Harry: It seems he can't hold you tight enough to keep the screaming fans away from you. You can't think about them now though. Harry was leaving for 6 months and your heart was aching. "Harry, I'm going to miss you." You whispered in his ear. Harry was half listening to you as he tried smiling at the screaming fans. You were dragged by him all around the airport. You tried saying goodbye but every time you tried to speak a fan screamed in Harry's ear. "Harry I love you!" You shouted. Harry stopped moving and put his hands on the side of your face. "Are you serious?" He asked with slightly watery eyes. You nod as a small tear rolled down your cheek. Harry kissed it away. "I love you too. I didn't think I would be saying this to anyone well except my mum." You smile. "Just remember me Harry, yeah?" He kissed you again making the fans roar. "How could I forget?" He gave you a big squeeze before reluctantly releasing you and running after his band mates. "Bye." You whispered as the fans circled around you and Harry's body guard. 
Liam: You wake up with the bed empty. You remembered Liam had to leave at 3 in the morning to catch his flight. You cuddled for the last time in 4 months with him. When you sat up you were greeted with a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and a box next to you. You grabbed the box and read the note attached to it. 'Hey Sweetie. Sorry to leave you without the proper goodbye. Inside the box is a little something to remind you of me. Love you! Xoxo - Lee Yum. P.S. I took your tan sweater, the one with the roses. I needed something to remind myself of you. Also remember when I filmed you dancing and being strange and said I will delete it? I will, I just need a little memento of you. Xoxoxo! :)' You laugh hysterically before opening the box. You find a sweater of Liam's. One that you said was your favorite. You put it on and smelled it. It smelled just like him. Lastly in the box were two DVD cases. One was the complete Toy Story trilogy and the second had no cover. You put that one in first and pushed play. You instantly seen a happy Liam. "Hey I'm Lee Yum! This is my sweetie lovely dovely little teddy bear Y/n." You come on the screen smiling and waving. "Hey whoever Liam is talking to." You leave and Liam gives a big smile to the screen. "You seem that girl? That's the love of my life. I'd loved her since I first met her and I always will. I remember when we first met..." You listen to Liam explain your first and many other dates in full detail as if they happened yesterday. You cried and you laughed and you hugged yourself wishing for Liam to be here with you. "... And she said I love you. It was the best moment ever. I wish to one day marry my sweetie teddy bear. And I know she'll say yes because she's put up with me this long surely a few more years wont be that hard." He smiled big again. "I love Y/n! I'm going to miss her so much, I just hope shel'll be here waiting for me." The movie ends after that. Tears stream down your face. "Always Liam." You whisper to yourself before starting the movie over. 
Louis: "Ohhh, that top with those shoes?" You hear your boyfriend Louis say to someone passing by. You laugh. You knew Louis wasn't always this sassy and stuck up. He was putting on more of a facade since he was going to be leaving in a few hours. He wanted to hear you laugh. "I'm going to miss you Sass Masta." Louis whispered in your ear kissing your neck. "C'mon doll. Cat? Love? Sugar? C'mon telletubby." He says random nicknames for you until you answer. "What Lou?" "C'mon don't be sad. Here." He reaches down and pulls off his favorite pair of toms. "Take your shoes off." He says suddenly. You take off your all white slip ons. Louis puts his Toms on you and in return puts on your slip ons. "But Boobear, these are your favorite toms." He nods before kissing you again. "Yeah but you're my favorite person. C'mon walk that runway when I'm gone gurl!" He says it with extra sass and snaps his fingers for dramatic effect. You giggle. "That's my girl." He says kissing your forehead. After a few hours Louis boards his plane giving you a big wave and smile. You didn't want him to leave but you felt less sad. Now you were sure Louis would come back. He would never leave his favorite Toms behind.
Niall: After about an hour or so at Nandos, Niall holds your hand and looks down at you with his crystal clear blue eyes. "I gotta leave soon princess. Give me a hug." You squeeze his waist tightly. "I'm going to miss you Niallers." He held you tighter and even lifted you off of his feet. He lowered you down and pointed to your neck. "Surprise!" Around your neck was Niall's favorite shamrock necklace. "Niall, you can't be serious. You got this from your mum." He kissed around your neck. "Then take good care of it princess. Now give me a kiss." You kissed him thinking it was just going to be small. He instead held on to you and gave you a long passionate kiss. 'Now boarding flight 802 to America. Now boarding flight 802 to America.' Niall picks up his bags and starts walking to the exit. At last second he grabs you by your waist, spins you around, and then kisses you. "Bye doll." He whispers in your ear before jogging to his plane. The next few days were difficult. You would fall asleep easily wearing Niall's jumper but then wake up scared and alone. "Niall." You would scream out when you woke up from your nightmares only to be engulfed in loneliness. One night you woke up terrified out of your mind. "Niall!" You screamed. Someone wrapped their warm arms around you. "Hey princess it's okay I'm here now." You open your eyes to see a tired and puffy eyed Niall. You hugged him tightly, not wanting to ever let go. "How? Why?" Niall kissed your forehead. "I just couldn't be without you. I wasn't feeling any of it. So I came back to take you with me." "What?" "I got an extra ticket. We're going to America!" You could barely control yourself. You threw yourself on top of Niall and kissed him all over. "Well if I had known you would react like this, I would've come a few days earlier." You laugh between kisses. You loved your little Nialler. 


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