What Ifs: One Direction Styled

Some What ifs or imagines if you knew or met or were in a relationship with One Direction. It's told so you are the main character. Please don't be afraid to put out suggestions.


4. Injuries

Gets Injured
Zayn: You came home expecting Zayn to come rushing towards you with open arms every time you came home from work. But he didn't. "Zayn?" You questioned while walking around your house. No one seemed to be home. Just when you were about to panic, your phone rang. It was Zayn. "Hello Zayn..." "Y/n, it's Lou. Something's happened. Come to St.Joseph's immediately." He hung up quickly. Louis was serious, he's never serious. You quickly grabbed your coat and bag before hurrying to St. Joseph's. After a few minutes of wait, you walk through Zayn's door and instantly drop everything. He looked so bruised and damaged. Liam came towards you and gave you a hug. "It was a drunk driver. The doctors say he needs to stay for a week! A week!" Liam repeated it a few more times still not comprehending. You could barely hear him. The only thing you heard was the beeping of Zayn's heart. You walked towards Zayn and lightly brushed your fingertips against his cheek. He instantly stirred and opened his eyes. "Y/n." he whispered softly. A few tears rolled down your cheeks. Liam and Louis sat in the chairs facing the other direction to give the two of you some privacy. "Oh Zayn." You said with a broken heart. He shushed you before grabbing your wrist. "Can you lay down beside me?" You thought about it. "Won't it hurt?" Zayn gave you his 5 year old looking puppy dog eyes. "Please?" You reluctantly agree before climbing in next to him. You rest your head lightly on his chest. "Zayn, baby. What can I do?" You ask watching as he tried sitting up but quickly laid back when he felt the pain. "Just love me like you always do." He managed to joke. You gave him a small smile while smoothing his hair back until he fell asleep. 
Harry: You lay on your bed looking up at the ceiling while tears rolled down your cheeks. It hurt everywhere. Harry sat in the chair watching you with pained eyes. "What can I do?" He asked. You look over at him and almost grab his cheek like how you would to comfort him, but you stopped yourself. "Harry." You whispered because your throat was dry. He looked at you before putting his face in his hands. "I can't do this anymore!" He suddenly announced. Harry quickly stood up and laid down beside you on your bed. "Harry," you groaned, "you're not supposed to touch me." Harry rubbed your red spotted arms. "At least we'll be sick together." He said with a relived smile before pulling you close to him. 
Niall: You fell off your surfboard and landed in the water, hard. You whipped your hair out of your eyes and seen something dark and menacing heading your way. "Niall!" You screamed. He looked up at you from a distance. Suddenly you felt a pressure on your leg. You were being yanked back by something. "Niall!" You screamed before being forced under the water. It went dark for a few minutes. After what felt like a lifetime you heard something. "Princess. I'm sorry. Please wake up. I love you, I need you to wake up. For me?" You heard Niall sob. You slowly open your eyes and stare at the bright light that hurt your eyes so much. "Niall? What happened?" He nearly jumps when he hears you. When he sees you're awake he pulls you in a tight and long hug. "Oh Y/n! Oh Princess." He repeated over and over. You cried with him when you felt the pain in your leg. "Niall, what happened?" Niall held back a sob. "You were attacked by a shark. You lost so much blood. You needed so many stitches. You died!" He said shouting the last part. "What?" Niall held you close to him as if you were dying from an incurable disease. "Your heart stopped 2 times. But they brought you back. I love you so much." He half whispered. Before you could react, Niall crushed his lips against yours. After a few minutes he pulled away at the sound of someone clearing their throat. It was the doctor. While the doctor did his routine checkup, Niall never left your side. Not once letting go of your hand. Not that you would ever want him to. 
Louis: You grabbed Louis' hand as you both ran on the long seemingly endless track. You both were practicing for the tryouts for the track team next month. You both were good runners but you both needed practice. "Louis, c'mon you gotta run faster if you want to keep up with me babe." Louis smiled before pushing himself harder to run faster. He eventually caught up with you and you were running side by side. After a while you noticed Louis slowing down again. He was breathing harder then he should and it scared you. "Lou?" You questioned slowing down to a jog. Louis looked at you with a longing look before he passed out. You screamed and quickly skid down to catch him not caring if you hurt yourself in the process. You held Louis' head and smoothed down his messy and sweaty hair. "Somebody call 911!" You scream over and over. (A few days later) You never left Louis' side. You sat at the right side of his bed every day waiting for your sassy boyfriend to make a comment about the unoriginality at the hospital or even for his eyes to flutter open. It seemed like he wasn't ever going to wake up. "Y/n, I'll fill in for you, go get some coffee." You look up to see a depressed Harry. He was here almost as much as you. "Okay... Just tell me when he wakes up." You say slowly before leaving Louis' room. Before you got that coffee, you cleaned yourself up. Redoing your fishtail braid, fixing your clothes, and washing your face. You went to the coffee machine thing and put in your money. You grabbed a cup and pushed the cappuccino button. When the caffeinated drink filled to the brim you grab your cup a little too quickly. The hot drink spilled all over your hand. You cuss and grab a damp tissue to hold to your now burned hand. "Y/n! Y/n! He's awake!" You run after Harry's voice and into Louis' room. Louis' sitting up and looking as confused as ever. When he sees you his famous grin returns. "Y/n, what happened?" Tears brim your eyes. "Louis... You...Your lung collapsed." His face fell. "Oh." He suddenly held out his arms. "Babe, I need you. Please come here." You let him pull you into a tight hug. You rested your head against his chest and listen to him wheeze. "Oh Lou.." You say starting to cry. Louis quickly puts a finger to your lips and gives you a big tired grin. "Don't cry Y/n, let's just enjoy this moment now, okay? Forget about what just happened forget about what the future holds. Just right now." You nod before resting your head on his chest again. You lay there with him until the two of you fall fast asleep.
Liam: You open your eyes suddenly and spread your arms out. Your bed was empty. You almost forgot Liam was on tour singing all over with his 4 best lads. You sigh and try to go back to sleep when you smell something. You sit up quickly and look around. You were surrounded by smoke. The fire alarms going off woke you up. You cough a few times before getting up. You grab a jumper Liam left behind and dumped the water you brought upstairs last night all over it. You put the jumper over your head and walked in the living room. Smoke and flames were everywhere. You could barely breathe. You look around to see that your front and back door were engulfed in flames. You went back upstairs and in your room. It was smokey but bearable. You closed your eyes for what felt like a second. When you opened them, you crawled to your window, using the little strength you had left, and opened it. You sat on the ledge, halfway out of the window gasping for air. Pictures of Liam flashed through your head. The last thing you told him was "Good Luck." Tears streamed down your face as you realized you would never see him alive again. "I don't know how I got here, and I don't know if I'll make it through this, but I want you to know, Liam, I love you. I always had and I always will. Please forgive me." You say sadly. You hear a cracking sound. You turn to see the fire heading closer and closer to you. "No. No. No!" You scream. You put your hands up and lean back. You find yourself falling back from the window. You look up to see flames sprouting out of the window you were sitting at a second ago. You close your eyes and wait for the impact but it never comes. You open your eyes to see you were in a familiar boy's arms. "Liam?" You question. He gives you a worried look. "Oh my god Y/n! Are you okay?" Before you can answer he crushed his lips against yours. He held you tightly as if at any second you would disappear. You pulled away and put a hand at the back of his neck. "What are you doing here so early?" Liam closed his eyes relaxing into your touch. "I... I was at a concert a few cities away when I got a call from our neighbor. Ms. Danny. She told me that the entire building was on fire. I drove here right away. I had been waiting for you for a few hours when you fell out if the window. I ran to catch you and well here we are." He kissed along your neck and jaw. "I can't thank you enough Liam. You really are my rock and protector huh? And I was so afraid to fall in love again after my last boyfriend." Liam smiled. "Don't worry sweetie," he says kissing you all over, "I'll always be here to catch you." 


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