i need the truth

When a 15 year old girl molly find out shes adopted she want to find her birthparents. When she finds out her birth father is dead and her adoption parents have been lying to her she must find the truth. The people around her seem to know alot more about her family than she dose. She wont stop till she finds the truth.


3. why is he so mad?

text to david: hey:)

text from david: hi...

text to david: is something wrong?

text from david: ive just been thinking alot about what you said at dinner last night.

text to david: yea and...

text from david: molly i really dont think its a good idea.

text to david: why!?

text from david: i dont want you to get hurt.

text to david: from looking for my birthparents?

text from david: i cant really talk now.

text to david: why?

text from david: I love you bye

why was he acting so weird? oh god i think he hates me now. but, why? i mean all i said was i was gonna find my birthparents. why was he getting so defensive. i lay down in my bed and fall alseep thinking of reasons why.

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