i need the truth

When a 15 year old girl molly find out shes adopted she want to find her birthparents. When she finds out her birth father is dead and her adoption parents have been lying to her she must find the truth. The people around her seem to know alot more about her family than she dose. She wont stop till she finds the truth.


2. dinner

i take a shower and get all ready for my b-day dinner with my boyfriend. i wait for him to get here. the door bell ring and i get up and  anwser the door.


he picks me up and spins me while kisssing me "happy b-day" he says handing me a preasent. its a little pink box i unwrap it and open it

"omg i love it!" i say excitedly its a silver chain infinity necklace.

"thanks so much." i hug him.

"ready for dinner?"

"yes!" i say happily

we get into the car "this is the best b-day ever thanks agian so, where are we going?"

"its a suprise." If theres one thing i really hate its suprises I HATE THEM!

"ok" i say

"what did you get for your b-day"?

"a puppy omg shes so cute."

"aw what are you gonna name her?"

"i dont know yet i cant decide."

we get to the resturant and we sit down "its so beautiful here."

"i know i picked this place because it reminds me of you."

"aw." that was the sweatest thing he has ever said to me im so happy right now.

"so i have been thinking about looking for my birthparents." i say


"why you dont think thats a good idea."

"no i think you should be happy you have a family."

"dave im sorry." i put my hand over his hand. Davids parents died last year in a car crash him and he lives with his sister.

"i just need some anwsers." i say desparatly. great... i think i just ruined the greatest moment of my life.

"i just dont think its a good idea i mean they gave you away why would you want to meet them?"

"i am tired of wondering i just need to know."

"ok well anyways its late let me take you home." we get up and get into his car. we pull into his drive way. "thanks so much" i say

"yea" he says

"is something wrong?"


"ok i lean in to kiss him our lips touch softly them he back away i get out of the car and watch him leave. i sigh, then i go to my room and pass out on my bed.


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