i need the truth

When a 15 year old girl molly find out shes adopted she want to find her birthparents. When she finds out her birth father is dead and her adoption parents have been lying to her she must find the truth. The people around her seem to know alot more about her family than she dose. She wont stop till she finds the truth.


1. adoption

 My parents adopted me when i was five. i never really thought about looking for them i was to young to understand. today i turn 15 and i think its time that i meet them. i know nothing about them but, im gonna find them.


 "MOLLY WAKE UP!" my brother screams to me.

i roll over half asleep "what do you want troy?"

"well i wanna say happy b-day and we have school today we gotta leave in a half an hour get up."

i get up and walk in to the bathroom i go down stairs. as i walk into the kichen i see a bunch of people and a happy B-day sighn

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" everyone yells.

i look confused but i say thanks and hug everyone i pull my brother to the side "dont we have school?"

He laughs and says "its saterday."

i know im so stupid to fall for that but whatever it was to early in the mourning to really know whats going on. I get some food and have alot of fun with my friends and family.

my parents make a tost they lift up there glasses and say "a tost! to our beautiful daughter i hope she has a wonderful birthday with her family."

That word family stopped me. i never really new if these people where my family. Im not acctually there daughter do they love me as much as troy? Is family the people your related to? or is it the people who take care of you and raise you? i have so many questions i hoped one day they could all be anwsered. I cant help but wonder what my real family is doing right now. Do they worry about me? do they think about me? just more questions i hoped are anwsered when i find them.

"a preasent for my sister!" my brother says handing it to me

i take it and open it "thank you" i say holding the puppy in my hands "SHES SO CUTE I LOVE HER!" i was so happy ive always wanted a dog. After everyone leaves i thank him and my parents again. I go up stairs and put my puppy in my room my phone going off i pick it up "hello?" i say.

"hey molly happy b-day i love you"

"aw i love you to your the best boyfriend ever!"

"i was hoping we could have dinner together you wanna?"


"ok ill pick you up at around seven"

i hang up the phone and dance around davids been my boyfriend for about a year now i love him.

i cant wait to see what he got me!

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