The Birthday Wish


10. Chapter 9: He Kissed Me

     We started walking toward school again looking at each other occasionally. When we got to the front of the school I saw Max. I was more nervous then I ever was in my entire life. I squeezed Ed's hand letting him know that Max was there. "SALLY!!!!" I look down pretending I didn't hear my name. But before I could run into the school Max came and swept me off my feet. "Excuse me." Ed said trying to be a gentlemen "Can you please put her down we are going to be late for class." Max put me down then looked at Ed laughing. "I'm sorry I didn't know Sally had bodyguard." I rolled my eyes. "Max I'm happy your here but why did you come back?" He looked at me and said "Can we talk in private " I looked at Ed "It's okay go ahead I'll be there as soon as I can." He nodded and left.
    Looking back at Max I realize I missed him almost as much as I miss Ed when he walks me home. Max brings me back to reality "Sally who is that guy?" I look at Max "That's Ed. He's my-" taking a deep breath knowing hes going to have to know sooner or later "Boyfriend." Max looks at me his eyes wide. "I'm happy for you Sally." he says with a sad sound in his voice. "Well I better get going. Ed is waiting for me." I say as I start walking away. "Wait!" He said as he grabbed my wrist. "Kiss me." I look at Max "Are you crazy? I'm with Ed. I'm not going to do something that would cost me someone I've grown to love." He looks at me and stands closer to me then he should be. 
    "Tell me you don't love me." I looked at him then looked at the ground. I knew I wasn't going to be able to look him in the eyes and tell him. "I can't do this right now Max." I try to leave again but this time with more force then ever he pulled me back in and kissed me on my lips. It felt so wrong but so right. I pushed him away "Max this, us, can't happen and won't happen." I turn away and run into the school building and head straight for the girls restroom. I ran into a stall and slid down the side of the bathroom stall crying with my knees up against my chest. Thinking out loud "How could I do this to Ed." Then Mariah walked in "Sally are you okay?" I opened the door and pulled her in hugging her tight. "I don't know what to do Mariah."
    She pushed me away looking at me asking "What are you talking about Sally?" I stood there tears rolling down my face. "I kissed Max." She looked at me confused. "Who's Max?" I laughed a little remembering I hadn't told her about Max. "He's this guy I used to have a crush on before I met Ed. He moved and now he's back. I don't know what to tell Ed." She looked at me and shook her head. "Well did you kiss him or did he kiss you?" "He kissed me but i kissed him back. You don't understand I've loved him since we started hanging out. He was always there for me." She looked at me "But Ed has been here for you since the day he met you right?" I nodded "Of course I thank god everyday for bringing him to me and showing me that someone was meant to be with me no matter what I looked like."
    We walked out of the stall and there were a bunch of cheerleaders standing there looking at us "Look loser. You don't deserve someone like Ed let alone someone like Max. By the way they are both taking someone else to Winter Formal so you can just stay home." I looked at her crying a little and started to walk out. "And as for you Mariah Niall doesn't like you he's just using you." Mariah paid no attention to what she said. But me on the other hand I didn't know what to believe. "Sally wait up!" Mariah yelled while running to me. "Sally don't believe what they said, they're just being jerks." I sighed and wiped my tears away "I don't know Mariah, maybe they might be right Ed probably doesn't deserve me." 
    She scrunched up her eyebrows "Do you hear yourself? Sally, Ed is deeply in love with you! You could tell by the way he smiles at you and how you guys stare into each others eyes. I could tell you both love each other. So don't listen to some stupid cheerleaders who don't know what true love is." I slightly laughed "And you do?" "Hey!" she smiled "Don't worry Sally you'll be fine and if you need help telling Ed I'm here for you." I smiled "Thanks Mariah, but I think I should do it on my own." she nodded "Alright I completely understand." We then both headed to class. Ed looked at us and smiled. Mariah and I sat in our seats. Classes were going by so fast it was soon lunch time. We both met the guys at the table where we always sit. 
    As the guys sit down I look up and see Max headed our way. "Hey people, mind if I take a seat?" Mariah now looking at me then back at Max "Um.." But before she can even say anything Ed and Niall cut her off "Yea sure. Take a seat mate." Max smiles then looks at me. I look at him then look at Mariah and Niall "This is Max. Max this is Niall and Mariah." "Nice to meet you both." He says shaking their hands. "And this is my boyfriend Ed." Max gives him a look I can't describe. "Nice to meet you mate." Ed says putting out his hand for a hand shake. "Yeah likewise." he says not reaching out to shake Ed's hand. I don't know what was going on with Max but I intended to find out. 

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