The Birthday Wish


9. Chapter 8: Ed's Secret Revealed

     We ate dinner and told funny jokes. My dad decided to tell one of his jokes that made everyone laugh "Why did the mushroom go to the party?" Ed was the first to say "I don't know, why?" I looked at my dad knowing it was and will always be funny. "Because he was a fungi." My mom looks at him with a straight face she's heard the joke too many times its not funny to her anymore. Ed looked in the direction of my parents and said "Thank you so much for dinner Mr. and Mrs. Martinez. Dinner was great." My mom looked at him and smiled. Mariah and Niall were too busy staring at each other to realize everyone was looking in their direction. "Oh I'm sorry. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Martinez dinner was fantastic." 
    My dad looked at Mariah "Thank you Mariah. But aren't you going to talk to Sally? Or are you just going to stare at Niall the whole time?" We all looked at each other and started to laugh. Mariah and Niall were both turning red. "Well looks like we better get going before it gets too late." Ed said as he stood up and looked at me. "Okay. I will walk you all to the door." Before walking to the door Mariah, Niall and Ed all said in unison "Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Martinez." My mom and dad stood there and smiled. We all walked to the door and I said my goodbyes to the lovely couple (Mariah and Niall). Then I said goodbye to Ed "Well honey I guess this is goodbye until tomorrow. I love you." I say giving him a kiss and hug goodbye. "Don't worry love I will be here waiting for you in the morning. I love you." I smile and wave as they all walk their separate ways.
    I closed the door and walked back in to the dining room to help my mom clean up the plates from the table. "Sally, can I ask you something?" I looked at my mom and nodded. "Well remember when we were at the dress shop and you got a phone call. Who was it?" I looked at my mom, eyes wide open, I had forgotten about Max. I pretended like I didn't hear what she said. "Sally?" "Yeah mom. What's up?" She looked at me with an eyebrow raised "Who was it you were talking to on the phone?" I sighed and finally blurted out "It was Max! He said he was going to be here tonight." My mom smiled "He's coming to visit?" I look at my mom "No he's going to move back here with his father."
    My mom and mixed looks. I decided I was going to leave her to clean up the rest I didn't want to talk about the whole 'Max' thing. I went to my room and looked at my phone it was 7:54pm and I had 2 text messages both from Max. One read "Hey my plane just landed wanna hang out and catch up?" the other read "I will see you at school tomorrow gotta get my rest goodnight. Love ya ;)" I just sat there torn. I couldn't find the courage to tell Max that I had a boyfriend but he would find out at school tomorrow. I put on my music to fall asleep and recognized the voice singing. I looked at my iPod and saw 'Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran' on the screen. I practically screamed. I didn't know what to think. How could I be dating someone famous and not know?

    I woke up the next morning thinking about what I had seen the night before on my iPod still fresh in my head. Was Ed trying to keep his identity a secret? Because if he was he sure was doing a good job at it. I got dressed thinking about 2 things now not only was I dating a famous singer. I had my best friend/crush back in town. Today was going to be a really crazy day. After getting ready I walked out the door. There he was, standing there looking amazingly cute as always, waiting for me. "I know who you are." I blurted out. I covered my mouth thinking 'What the hell did you tell him that for? Now he'll never want to be with you.' he stood there looking down frowning. "I knew you would find out sooner or later. I don't want to lose you Sally."
    I smiled at him and giggled. "Eddy I don't care if your a singer or not. I love you and I always will." He looks up at me and kisses me passionately. "Well love, shall we get going?" I nod and say "Can I tell you something Ed?" He looks at me and nods with a smile. "Remember the day we met I told you my friend had moved away? Well he called yesterday when I was out dress shopping. He flew in last night and he's going to be at school." Ed looked at me confused "Okay. What are you getting at?" I looked at him "I was in love with him before I met you." We stopped walking to talk. "What does this mean Sally?" I shook my head "Nothing I wanted you to know. I love you Ed you know that. You've been here for me and stood by my side. And I thank god I have you in my life."
    Ed stood there in front of me "Does he know about me?" I shook my head starting to cry. "Why haven't you told him about me Sally?" I cry even harder and through my tears I say "I'm sorry Ed. I'm so sorry." He stood next to me "Look I'm not mad at you babe I still love you. I just don't want trouble is all." He hugs me tight. "I love you Sally Martinez." I look him in the eyes and smile, tears still leaving my eyes "I love you too Edward Christopher Sheeran." We stood there for a few seconds sharing a hug for comfort. I could almost feel his grip getting tighter making me smile.

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