The Birthday Wish


7. Chapter 6: Kiss Me, Oops I Mean Kiss You

     I was heading out the door to meet Ed outside so we could walk together. But right before I could take a step out the door my mom yells to me “Don’t forget we are going to go dress shopping so be ready to go after school.” I look back “Okay mom.” Slamming the door behind me I walk to the gate seeing Ed standing there waiting for me. “Hey babe!” I look up and smile “Hi sweetie.” I say giving him a kiss and a hug. “Today is the big day for Mariah. Do you think she is going to love it?” I stop and turn to look at him “Are you kidding? She’s going to love it!” I couldn't wait to see the look on Mariah’s face when she saw what Niall was going to do for her. We walked up to the school doors and saw Mariah at her locker. “Babe I’m going to go talk to her maybe cheer her up a bit.” I say as I kiss him and walk away.
    “Hey Mariah, how are you feeling today?” she looks at me and says “The same I just wish that I could be as happy as you.” I look at her, smiling and say “Look Mariah people always wish upon stars but that doesn't mean they always get what they want. Maybe today will be that day for you.” She looks at me and gives me a funny look. The bells rings and I say bye to her and head to class. Before I knew it class was over time was going so fast next period was the assembly for Niall to ask Mariah to Winter Formal. The teacher took roll and let us walk towards the gym where we were having the assembly. Mariah and I found each other and walked together and saw Ed we decided to sit in the front to get a good view.

    After everyone sat and got settled the principle came in “Ladies and gentlemen we have a presentation here for you all to see please watch.” Then the video started Niall was in the video. “So as you all may know Winter Formal is coming up and tickets are now on sale. I have something for you Mariah.” When she heard her name she looked up in shock. Then Niall walked out and to the middle of the gym. “Will Mariah please come down and sit here.” Mariah looked at me and then got up and walked towards Niall. Niall smiled and pulled Mariah to the chair. The music started and Mariah’s face lite up with a big smile. “oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends, making them drool down their chinny-chin-chins, baby be mine tonight mine tonight, baby be mine tonight yeah!, and if you, you want me too, lets make a move, yeah! So tell me girl if every time we, touch you get this kind of rush. Baby say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah if you don’t wanna take it slow and you just wanna take me home. Baby say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and let me kiss you!!" 
    Mariah lit up and started to cry. Niall stood there in front of her and said "Mariah will you go to Winter Formal with me?" she stood up and hugged Niall tears running down her face. "Yes." Everyone cheered and from that moment I knew Mariah was going to be acting different. After the assembly was over we all went to the next class. Mariah and I had the same class, Algebra II. We walked in and took our seats Mariah still had a smile on her face. "So, what did you think of the whole thing?" She looked at me and took a deep breath "I'm so excited! i didn't think I was going to get asked. But Niall blew me away with the song. Do you think he likes me?" I look over at her, my eyebrows lifting up and my eyes wide open, "Girl are you kidding! The song he sang to you only proves what he feels for you. He's in love with you!" 
    After class it was time for lunch. Ed and Niall had found Mariah and I sitting at the table. "Hey babe" Ed said giving me a kiss. "Hey Mariah" Niall said as he sat next to her. I looked at her and couldn't help but smile and wink. She blushed a little "Niall can i talk to you in private Please?" Niall looked at Ed then at Mariah and nodded getting up and letting her lead the way. They walked off and started talking. (Mariah and Niall's conversation) "Niall I have to ask you something but I don't  know exactly how to ask you..." Niall looked at her "Actually I've been meaning to ask you something, look I know we don't know each other very well, but I was wondering would you be my girlfriend?" Mariah looked at Niall shocked and nodded "Yes." A single tear running down her cheek (or so I think that's how it went. I mean she never told me all the details).
    Ed and I were just staring at them wondering what they were talking about. Mariah came back holding Niall's hand. "It's official. Niall and I are a couple. "I looked at Mariah "See i told you your prince would come sooner or later!" I look at Niall "Thank you, for making my friend here the most happiest girl in the world." He smiles and nods. Mariah looks at Niall and kisses him "Thank you so much Niall. you've truly made this day memorable. I will never forget this." The bell rang letting us know that it was time for class again. All the football players and cheerleaders were once again fixated on Mariah and I both dating 2 of the best players on the team. "Ignore them ladies. They are just jealous because they didn't get us, you did." Niall said making Mariah and i both smile and blush.

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