The Birthday Wish


6. Chapter 5: Meeting Dad

I couldn't believe it. It was like he was waiting by the window to see when I was coming up the walk way. “Dad what the hell are you doing? How did you know I was here?” “That’s none of your concern young lady. Are you going to introduce your friend?” I was so embarrassed about what my dad was doing. “Now I will I wasn't planning on it anytime soon. Ed this is my father...”  My dad is now staring him down but Ed isn't giving him the slightest. “Dad this is my boyfriend…” I was cut off by Ed saying “Edward Christopher Sheeran. Nice to meet you Mr. Martinez.” As he reaches out for a hand shake. My dad then grabs Ed’s hand and says “Nice to meet you son. Why don’t you stay for dinner?” We looked at each other and I shrugged my shoulders.

            Once we were in the house my dad was playing 21 questions. “So Edward what do you do for a living?” This was going to be a long night for both Ed and I. “Actually sir, I’m more focused on my studies right now. With Football season coming up I need to keep my grades up.” I thought ‘Could things get any worse?’ but sure enough they did. “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” “Dad honestly I think Ed has had enough for right now.” But right when I said that Ed looked at me and said “Don’t worry Sally I don’t mind your father is very curious about the guy dating his daughter he has a right to know all of this. Honestly sir, I would love to see myself married to your daughter in 5 years.” My mother looked up and smiled in our direction. I’m sitting there thinking ‘Great give my mom a reason to start planning the wedding now.’ So I grip onto Ed’s hand signaling that he shouldn't have said that. But he looks at me and has one of the biggest smiles on his face.

            After we had dinner it was time for Ed to go home. “Thank you so much for dinner Mr. & Mrs. Martinez it was very delicious.” “You’re welcome dear. Maybe we can have you over again sometime?” I rolled my eyes at my mom and laughed. Ed looked at my father and shook his hand again but this time to say goodbye. “Thank you sir.” “You’re welcome over anytime son.” My dad looks at me and kisses my forehead. I walk Ed to the door “I’m so sorry you had to go through that. But then again you are my first boyfriend.” With a smile on his face he replies “Don’t worry about it I passed the test babe. Your parents love me.” I smiled and kissed him goodbye. “See you tomorrow.”

            I walk back into the house and see my parents waiting to talk to me. Here it comes I already know what they are going to say ‘He’s not good for you’ ‘You need someone who knows what they want to do in the future’ just nagging telling me how much he’s wrong for me. I look at my dad and say “Just say it already!” “What are you talking about Sally?” I look at him and say “Look dad I know you’re going to tell me he’s not good for me and you don’t like him but I’m not going to let you tell me who to date. Let me make my own mistakes.” He looks at me then at my mom and starts to laugh. “Sally I would never tell you not to date someone you obviously stick up for. Ed seems like a great guy and I can tell you love him. He’s a keeper.” My jaw dropped and my eyes were wide open. Did my dad, the man who raised me, just tell me he liked my first ever boyfriend?

            “Don’t be so quick as to think what I’m going to say sweetheart. Remember assuming things are never going to get you anywhere.” He says then walks away and heads to his room. I couldn't believe my dad approved of my first boyfriend. I went to my room and started jumping for joy. I called Mariah to tell her I was home since when I got home we went straight to talking about Ed. “Hello?” “Hello Mariah, just wanted to call you.” I said with a smile. “You forgot again didn't you?” She said with a sad sound in her voice. “No. Never. It’s just my dad wanted to meet Ed so he stayed for dinner and 21 questions.” I said laughing a little. “So how was it?” I was drifted off into my own little world. “Hello? Sally are you still there?” “Huh? Oh yeah I’m here. Sorry I was just thinking about something.” “Don’t you mean someone?” She says and laughs.

            “I’m glad you’re doing better Mariah. I don’t like seeing you sad.” I say and start thinking about what Ed told me about Niall asking her to Winter Formal. “So when are you going to look for a dress? It’s coming Will you go with me to look at some?” “Yeah of course I will. But hey I have to go I need to finish homework. See you tomorrow.” She hung up before I could say anything. I knew that Winter Formal was a sensitive subject for her since everything happened today. My mom walked in the room looking at me “Ed is a nice guy.” I smiled and rolled my eyes “Yes mom.” Acting as if she didn't hear my conversation with Mariah “Yes what sweetie?” “He asked me to Winter Formal. It was so magical and looked like something out of a movie. He sang me a song and gave me flowers.” She smiled with tear filled eyes. “Get some rest Sally. We will go dress shopping tomorrow. Goodnight.” “Thanks mom. Goodnight.”

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