The Birthday Wish


4. Chapter 3: Truly, Madly, Deeply

           A couple of days pass and I've been getting more friends here and there. But I’m not sure I can trust them. But one of them sure seems like someone I can trust, her name is Mariah Guerra. We have a couple of classes together. She’s was little shy but once I got to know her she opened up like a book. “Hey Sally, how are you doing?” She asked as she walked up to me. “I’m fine Mariah. How about you? By the way Ed should be here soon.” I said as I tried to finish some work I had a hard time working on at home because of Ed. “Okay. Hey can I ask you something?” I giggled and thought about the dream that I had about Ed asking me to Winter Formal. “Yea of course. What is it?” She looked like she was trying to hide something, the look on her face said it all. “Um. Well you see I have this friend who wants to ask someone to the dance and they don’t know how to ask. Do you think you could help out with some ideas?” I looked at her and thought ‘This friend better not be Ed.’ “Well does he/she know what the person likes?” She stopped to think about it. “Not that I know of.” “Well that doesn't help. Is it a guy asking a girl or a girl asking a guy?” “It’s a guy asking a girl.” I thought long and hard about how I would want to be asked and figured they could steel my idea. It’s not like I need it anyways. “Okay well why don’t you tell the guy to buy her some red roses and ask her in the cafeteria in front of the whole school. That’s romantic and old fashion, I know, but I’m sure this girl will love it.”

            After I finished telling her the idea the bell rang for class. “Okay well thanks for telling me the idea.” As soon as she finished the sentence she turned and fled. “Your-“ I said as I turned to see Ed standing behind me. “Hey babe.” I jumped up. “Babe don’t do that you scared the hell out of me.” I said with a little laugh at the end. “Sorry love.” He said as he leaned his forehead on mine and kissed my lips. It was the most romantic kiss I had ever felt, not that I've had one. “I love you Sally.” He whispered as he pulled away holding his hand to my cheek. “I love you too Edward.” I said with a little giggle. “You sure know how to kill a mood.” He said with a smile as he grabbed my hand and led me to class. As soon as we reached class we let our hands go and walked in.

            A few hours pass and its lunch time. I sit in my normal spot waiting for Ed to show so we can get lunch together. I looked all over and I saw Mariah walking towards me with the biggest smile on her face. “What’s up with the smile Mariah?” I said with a serious look on my face. “Just wait and see.” After about 5 minutes roses kept flowing my way I would say about 4 dozen roses were given to me by random people. Then music started playing and all of a sudden Ed is standing at the other end of the cafeteria on top of a table and started to say “Sally I don’t know how to say this but I'm going to sing this verse to you.” Then he started to sing “I hope I’m not a casualty hope you won’t get up and leave might not mean that much to you but to me it’s everything...” He then started walking towards me and a couple of other guys joined in and sang with him. “Truly, madly, deeply, I am, foolishly completely fallin’ and somehow you kicked all my walls in so baby say you’ll always keep me truly, madly, crazy, deeply, in love (in love) with you (with you), in love (in love) with you (with you), in love (in love) with you (with you). With you.”

            As soon as they finished singing I couldn't help but cry (happy tears). Ed was now standing right in front of me, smiling, knowing I loved what he did for me. “Sally...” he said as the room got quiet. “Will you go to Winter Formal with me?” He said as he handed me another dozen roses. I nodded smiling and crying “Yes.” I said hugging him tight. All the football players and cheerleaders just stared at me and Ed in disgust. But I was happy and that’s all that mattered to me. Mariah sat there looking at me and Ed with a smile on her face. She’s a good friend not telling me who it was that she was helping out. “You guys are so great together.” She said as she looked at me. It almost seemed as if something was wrong. “Babe, thank you so much. Can you give Mariah and I a minute alone?” I said to Ed. “Of course love.” He kissed me and started to walk away. “Mariah, are you okay? You don’t see like yourself?” I said as I put my hand on her shoulder to comfort her. “It’s just I wish I has someone like Ed to do something like that for me. You know?” Mariah looked at me and tears started to fill her eyes. From that moment she kind of reminded me of, well, me before Ed. I don’t know what it is I just wanted to help her.

            I looked around and noticed that Ed was talking to one of his football buddies, Niall Horan. For some odd reason he kept looking in our, mine and Mariah’s, direction. I haven’t met Niall yet but I've heard good things. Ed started to walk towards Mariah and I and I had told her “Don’t worry your prince charming will come sooner or later. It takes time I was lucky that my prince found me when he did.” referring to Ed. “Hey ladies. Is it okay if I sit? I brought the two of you food as well.” Mariah looked up putting on a fake smile “Thanks Ed.” “No problem Mariah.” As I sat there thinking I couldn't help but bring up Niall to Ed. “What did Niall want babe?” He looked at me and smiled “I will tell you later.” and winked.

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