The Birthday Wish


25. Chapter 24: Ed's Not Here/ Back To London

    By the time we had finished talking I had arrived at the hotel and unpacked. I sat there trying to remember if Ed had mentioned to me the place where he was from. "Halifax, England. That's it!!" I said smiling at myself in the mirror. I was so excited I started to get ready. I curled my long brunet hair and wore something a little dressy. I looked at myself before walking in front of the mirror again and put on my glasses. "Here goes nothing." I said as I smiled to myself. I walked out from the hotel and straight to Ed's. I walked in the gate and up to the front door looking at my hands and breathing. "You can do this Sally. Ed is going to love you for this." I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer in hopes it would be Ed. "Can I help you dear?" A woman asked. I stood there thinking of what to say. "I'm sorry." I giggled. "I'm looking for Edward Sheeran. Is he home by any chance?" 
    The woman looked at me. Her eyes widened and looked as if though she knew who I was. "You must be Sally. Its nice to finally meet you. Unfortunately..." I knew something was going to happen. Something bad. "Unfortunately?" She shut the door behind her. "I'm sorry deary, he left." I could feel my heart breaking into a million pieces. I came all this way to see him and he's not here. "Did he say where he was going?" She shook her head. "Oh wait he did. He said he was going to Denver." I smiled. "He was going to see me?" "I'm sorry love I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Ed's mother Imogen Lock." "Nice to meet you Mrs. Lock." I said putting my hand out for a shake. "We woman don't shake hands here. This family hugs." She said smiling. "It was nice meeting you and thank you so much for your help." "Goodbye. I have a feeling we will be seeing each other soon." I waved and started to walk back to my hotel. I wonder why Ed was lying to me about not going back. 
    (Ed's P.O.V.) I got on the plane to leave to go see Sally. I knew that this was going to be the best day of both of our lives. As soon as I landed and walked off the plane girls started to scream. I took pictures and signed autographs. As soon as I could I made my way out of the airport and to the car that would take me to Sally's. I'm so nervous about what I'm going to say to her. I love her so much I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. When I arrived at the house I sat in the car for a few minutes and thinking about what to say. "Okay Ed you can do this. Sally is what you want in your future. She means the world to you and more nothing and no one will ever make you feel the way she does." I said getting out of the car and walking to the front door, still a little nervous. 
    Her father answered the door. "Hello Mr. Martinez. How are you doing this evening?" He looked at me a little sadden by my presence. "Hello Edward. Its actually not going to well. You see..." I looked up at him knowing something was wrong. "Is Sally okay?" He nodded. "She's fine. She's just not here right now. And by here I mean in this country." My eyes felt like they were going to burst out of my head. "You mean-" He nodded. "Yes sir Mr. Sheeran she went to see you since you told her you weren't going to make it." I thought to myself 'How did she get the money to get her ticket?' He father spoke breaking me out of my thoughts. "Her friend Kenny bought her the ticket so that she could be with you. She was miserable without you." I smiled knowing that she felt the same way I did when I was away from her. "Well I have something to ask you sir." He smiled. "Yes." He said nodding. "But I didn't even get to ask." I said laughing.
    He laughed a little "I already know what is it. I know that she loves you they way you love her. Your what makes her happy when shes feeling down. You know how to comfort her in ways no one else can." I smiled knowing I had her dads 'okay'. "Thank you so much Mr. Morales." I said as I started to walk away. "Please call me dad. We are going to be family after all." He said chuckling. "Okay, Dad." i said looking at him smiling. I walked back to the car and called Niall. "Hey buddy!" He said answering his phone. "Hey, are you with Mariah?" "Yea. Here she-" He said and before he could finish saying his sentence Mariah was on the phone. "I'm here. What are you going to do?" I laughed she obviously knew Sally left. "Um.. I was going to see if you two would come with me to go get her. But I think I'm going to propose to here there." Mariah 'AAAWWWW'ed and Niall sounded confused. "What!?"
    I smiled I'm so lucky to have friends like them. Niall was back on the phone now. "What did I miss?" He said. "I want you and Mariah to come back to England with me. I will tell you the rest when I get you. Get ready!" I said then hung up telling the driver the address to Mariah's house. They were standing outside waiting for me. "Let's go get your girl." Niall said laughing. I told him I was going to propose to Sally when we were there. "That's cool Ed." He said smiling. "Yea but I still don't know where to ask her." I sat there thinking 'I know London better than these two.' That's when I knew the exact spot. I smiled. "What are you smiling about Ed?" Mariah said looking at me with furrowed eyebrows. I looked up at her "I know where I'm going to propose to Sally." (End Ed's P.O.V.)


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