The Birthday Wish


23. Chapter 22: Catching Up With Kenny

We sat in my room talking for a little till Mariah and Niall left to their parents house. I sat in my room till I heard the door bell ring. I got up to answer it. When I opened the door no one was there. But I looked down only to see a box with my name on an envelope. "Who is it sweetie?" My mom said from the dinning room. "No one just a gift for me." She walked up behind me. "Who's it from?" I shrugged my shoulders and started to open the card. 'To Sally with love Max' I smiled out of the corner of my mouth. Slowly opening the box and taking out a small teddy bear with a heart shaped pillow saying 'I'm Sorry' and a watch around the wrist of the bear. "Who's that from sweetheart?"
    My dad said breaking me from my thoughts. "Um..a friend." I said smiling. I walked to my room looking out my window trying to see if I could see Max. He stood there looking at my window knowing I was going to be there. "Thank you." I mouthed to him as I smiled. He nodded and left the window. I knew I wasn't going to see him the rest of the day. I heard the door bell ring as soon as I had Laid down in bed. "Sally! Someone's here to see you." My mom yelled from the living room. I sighed and got up walking back to the living room. "Hey Sally!" He said as he stood there looking at my parents. "Kenny!" I ran to him and hugged him. "Oh my! How have you been son? I didn't recognize you." My dad said as he shook his hand.
    I rolled my eyes. This boy was one of the ones my dad loved. "I'm good sir. How are you?" I stood there while they talked and caught up a little. "Well we should really get going before it gets late." I said as I started pushing Kenny out of the door. "Bye, it was nice seeing you again." He said as we walked out of the door. "Your parents look good for their age." He said looking at me laughing a little. "Yea I guess. How's your dad doing?" I said as we started to walk towards the skating rink. "Oh he's doing fine just landed a corporate job in the city." I nodded. "Nice. Good for him." He nodded and started to ask questions about Ed. "So when does Mr. Perfect get here?" I looked at him and then down at the ground. "Oh um..yea you see..he um.." I started to trail off forgetting what I was going to say. "He's not coming is he?" I shook my head and stayed silent.
    We walked till we got to the park and started to play on the playground. Something I hadn't done at all. Unless you count the dream I had, but I don't. We sat on the swings and started to talk. "You really love him don't you?" He asked knowing talking about him would make me smile. "Yes." I said with a smile. "Can I tell you something?" I said to Kenny. "Anything!" He said with a big smile. "I didn't know what love meant till I met Ed. Before I met him my world was topsy turvey and then bam! My knight in shining armor came and saved me from evil." He laughed. "What?" I said looking at him in all seriousness. "It's like your telling me a story. Like this fairy tale is coming true for you." I giggled. "Well It is. Ed showed me what love was really about." 
    I looked up at the sky knowing my prince was looking up too. "Now I know why you were always my favorite between you and Max." "Huh?" I said looking him in his eyes trying to figure out what he was talking about. "Well when I would hang out with Max he would always talk about trying to get you to be with him and how he was going to get you to marry him. But then when I was with you all you talked about was how one day your prince would come and sweep you off your feet." I laughed at the thought that I would say that. "Your kidding! I don't remember that." He looked at me with a smile. "Well believe it honey, look where you are now." I stopped and realized I did say things like that. If I believed hard enough then it would come true. 
    We walked to a coffee shop as the blue sky turned into clouds of grey. "Its going to snow." Kenny said. "I love the snow!" He looked at me like I was crazy. "What time do you have to be home by?" "Not anytime soon. Why?" I said looking up at the sky still walking to the shop. "I have a surprise for you." He said trying to keep it bottled inside. "I know your going to tell me so just spill it." I said laughing. "I got you a plane ticket to go see Mr. Ed Sheeran." I stopped as he kept walking. I hadn't see Kenny in years. For him to do something like this for me was incredible. Running up to him I hug him and start to cry. "Oh my gosh Kenny this means so much to me thank you!" He smiled and hugs me back. "Your welcome."


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