The Birthday Wish


22. Chapter 21: Happy Christmas!

    I woke up to my arm reaching out. "Oh my lord." I said in a whisper. I looked at the clock it was 9am. I opened the door and caught a whiff of Christmas morning breakfast. "Mom? Dad?" I said cautiously looking out of the door. "We're in the kitchen sweetheart." My mom yelled from the kitchen. "Few!" I said while wiping my forehead with the back of my hand. I walked back into my room and got dressed. I started to text Mariah. "Hey you need to come over quick I just had the most bizarre dream." I waited for her reply. "Okay be there soon gotta make a stop then head to your house. See you soon. xoxo Gossip Girl. XD." I couldn't help but laugh I had forgotten that we had both seen 'Vampires Suck' so we made that our joke to keep each other calm.
    I walked out, but before reaching the kitchen, I wanted to look at the presents under the Christmas tree. "No peaking young lady." My father said while scaring me. "Com' on dad I just wanted to get a little peak before we start." He looked at me shaking his head while pointing to the kitchen. I walked over to the kitchen with my head hanging low. "Good morning sweetie how are you feeling?" I looked up at my mom and slightly smiled. "I'm doing better. I just wish Ed was here." Right when I said that the door bell rang. I looked at my mom and dad then ran to the front door. Standing at the front door, I took a deep breath. I opened the door and saw two people standing there. "Merry Christmas!" They said in sync. Mariah and Niall walked through the front door and straight to the kitchen.
    "So what's for breakfast?" Niall asked. I stood there thinking Ed was going to walk in right after them. "Um..Pancakes." Niall jumped up and down while Mariah looked at me knowing something was bothering me. "Are you okay Sally?" I heard as I was lost in my thoughts. "Yeah, I'm okay." I walked towards my room, looking down and just thinking to myself how stupid I was to think that Ed would be coming. I walked in my room and sat on my bed staring at the floor. Mariah walked in "Sally? whats wrong with you?" I looked up and started to cry. "I was thinking that Ed was going to be with you guys when you got here." I wiped my eyes and started to talk again. "But I need to tell you about my dream. You're never going to believe it."
    We sat there for an hour and I finally had finished explaining to her the reason it had happened. "Who was the lady?" I laughed and looked at Mariah. "I don't know but she was beautiful. She looked like a cross between Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato." Mariah nodded and smiled. "Nice!" She said almost sounding like the little Louie doll in the YouTube video 'The Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction'. I giggled thinking 'What a dork.' We sat there talking for a little bit when Niall decided to come and sit with us. "What did I miss?" He said as he warped his arms around Mariah. "Nothing really just a bizarre dream I had last night."
    Niall nodded looking at his phone. "Who's that?" I asked trying to get a glimpse of the screen. "No one just one of the guys telling me Happy Christmas." I sighed. "Is something else bothering you Sally? You look depressed." Mariah asked. "Well I might as well tell you guys your gonna find out sooner or later." I took a deep breath trying not to let my tears fall. "Ed isn't coming." They looked at each other and started to laugh like I was joking. "I'm serious he called me last night and said he's not coming." Mariah looked at me with a serious face. "Yea your right. I'm sorry." She said as she nudged Niall with her elbow. "Yea me too I'm sorry. But we're still here love." I smiled knowing I had two great friends who cared about me.


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