The Birthday Wish


21. Chapter 20: What Could Have Been...

After hearing Mariah say such sweet things about the way Ed and I are, I couldn't help but get all teary eyed. "Thank you so much Mariah. That means so much to me." Niall walked towards me and hugged me. "You and Ed mean a lot to me. Ed is like a brother to me. Always has and always will." I smile and hug Niall back tightly. "Thank you both so much for being here since Ed couldn't." Mariah smiles as Niall squeezes me tighter. "Well I better get inside. Mom's going to be worried soon." I say while laughing. "Goodnight Sally." They say in unison. "Hope you had fun today." Niall said with a big grin on his face. "I did thanks." I waved bye as I started to walk to my door, Mariah and Niall walking away heading home.
    Before heading inside I could hear someone running. I turn to see the one person who has made my life a living hell since he came back. "Sally. Please hear me out." I look at him my arms crossed at my chest. "I'm listening." Trying to catch his breathe "First off I got you something for your birthday. Second I want to apologize for everything I have done from leaving you and never telling you my true feelings to the indecent in your room." I look at him and think how badly I want to slap him in the face for almost causing me the one good thing that has happened to me since he left. But then I and thinking 'Everyone deserves a second chance'. 
    "Thank you for the apology. And I really want us to be friends." I stand there opening his present taking off the warping paper then finally realizing what it was. It was the first picture we ever took together in a frame. In the picture he was looking at me and I was laughing the camera had caught the perfect image of us two together. "Why are you giving this to me." I looked up from the frame. "Because that was the moment I realized I loved you more than anything in the whole world." I laugh a little "But we were only 13." He nods. "I know but I knew one day I would remember why I fell in love with you. And this was that moment. I wanted you to have it." I hugged him starting to cry. "Thank you so much Max." I said kissing him on the cheek and running inside. 
    I sat in my room looking at the picture I had just got from Max. "How could I not have seen it?" I said a loud to my self. While I sat there in silence I heard music. My phone was ringing, Ed was calling. "Hello?" I said. "Hey sweetie. How was your night with Mariah and Niall?" I smiled "It was fun I wish you could have been there. I wanted you to meet my old friend Kenny from elementary school." He laughed through the phone. "I know love. Mariah told me." I gasped out loud and Laughed a little. "I knew they were talking to you. They wanted to tell me something but they didn't." I said in a sad voice. "Well I have to go now but I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday and that  I love you." I sighed. "I love you too babe. I hope you come home soon."
    Ed laughed on the other end. "I know love. Bye." As soon as I said bye he hung up. I laid down and started to think about what Ed would say if he saw the picture of me and Max sitting on my dresser. I looked out my window up at the moonlit sky and saw a shooting star. "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish..I could be with Ed for the rest of my life." I smiled and looked at the night sky. My eyes were getting heavy, wanting to go to sleep. Within minutes I drifted off into a deep sleep. 
    (Dream) "Sally will you marry me?" I looked around everyone was there. But the one who stood in front of me wasn't the one I loved. "Max?" Looking at me with a confused face trying to keep his smile. "Everyone's waiting Sally?" I start to cry asking questions. "Why are you here? Where's Ed? Where's Mariah? Where's Niall?" Max looks at me even more confused then before. "Honey we don't know anyone with those names. Are you feeling okay?" I look at Max and run out of the house as far as I could go. "Are you okay?" A voice says from behind me. "Ed! You have no idea how good it feels to see you." I hug him tightly. "I'm sorry I don't know you. Do I?" 
    "Its me Sally. We've been dating for almost a year." A girl suddenly runs up to us and kisses him. "Hey babe, Who's this?" I look at the girl who has a familiar face. "Mariah?" "I'm sorry do I know you?" She says looking at me with a smile on her face as if she was mocking me. "How could you!? You're supposed to be my best friend!" I hear running footsteps coming from behind me. "Sally. Come home everyone is worried about you." I stood there crying. "Why is this happening to me?" I walked back with Max standing by my side. "Sweetie are you okay?" My mom asked while holding me in her arms. "Everything is wrong. Max isn't the one I'm supposed to be with."
    What I had hoped was a dream faded into black. Then I appeared in a church walking down the fuzzy aisle. "Doesn't she look beautiful?" I heard someone whisper. "She looks glowing." Another voice said. Looking at the end of the walk way I saw a man, a boy, someone I knew I was going to marry. "You look beautiful sweetie." My father said at my side. I started to tear up. I was going to marry the man I hated. Before I could reach the end to where my future stood the darkness took over again. There I stood alone in a white room. Nothing in sight. "Hello? Anyone!?" I stood there not even a minute. "Hello child." A woman said, scaring me standing behind me. "Where am I?" She lifted her hand to my face. "Your dreaming. You will be up soon." I sighed with relief. "Why did I have that dream?" "To show you what your life could be with Max." I looked at the woman a little confused. "Its time sweet one for you to return back to reality. Good luck." The woman turned and walked away. "Wait!" I said reaching out for her to tell me more about what I had seen. But before I knew it I had awakened (End Dream). 


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