The Birthday Wish


20. Chapter 19: You Know Max?

We skated around for a few more hours. "Can we go now?" Niall pleaded. Mariah and I looked at each other laughing "Yes." I say. "Come on hun lets go take off our skates." Mariah said as her and Niall walked to take them off. I decided I would skate for a little while longer and think about things. "Mind if I join you?" A voice said from behind me. I turn to see who it is "Kenny. You scared the crap out of me I thought you were someone else." He looks at me "Who exactly did you think I was?" I look at the ground and start to skate then finally say "An old friend I no longer talk to." "Oh. Who is this unlucky guy?" I laughed "His name is Max." He looked at me "Do you mean Max Sanchez?" 
    I stare at him in shock "How do you know Max?" We exit the rink and sit to talk. "Well while I was friends with you he always told me that he liked you. He even said and I quote 'I'm gonna marry her one day'." "Yea well he messed up his chance." I looked down remembering I had Ed then smiled really big. "You have someone in your life?" He said while looking at me. "Actually I do. But right now he is visiting family in England." Kenny looked at me confused  "I didn't know you traveled. Did you meet him there?" I giggled "No I met him here. He moved out here a few months ago. We actually met outside of school." Kenny smiled. "Well I'm happy for you Sally. I need to meet this guy of yours." I nodded "Well he's coming the day after tomorrow. Your more then welcome to come over." Right then I had noticed that Niall and Mariah were talking about something almost arguing.
(Mariah's POV) "You need to call him." I said pushing the phone towards Niall. "Why he's coming tomorrow. There's no need to worry." I shook my head "Call him and get an exact time. We need to stall so Sally doesn't do anything." He dialed "It's ringing." He said. "Hello?" Ed said on the other end. "Eddy. Its Mariah. What time are you going to be here tomorrow? Sally made plans with an old friend, so that means we have time to get you ready and tell her parents." Niall looked at me a little upset. "Not Max right?" Niall shushed me before I could talk again. "No. She's talking with and old friend from elementary " "Okay well just keep an eye on my princess. I don't want to lose her." "Will do bro." and he hung up. (End Mariah's POV)
    "Kenny will you excuse me for a minute?" He nodded with a smile. I walked towards Mariah and Niall. "Who was that?" I said standing behind Niall. Mariah's eyes grew wide "Um..Niall's brother. He was worried about us." I was wondering if they were telling the truth but then Niall's bother did get worried. I walked back and sat down with Kenny. "What was that about?" he asked looking towards them. I shrugged my shoulders and just laughed it off. It was time to go so I got Kenny's number and text him a silly face. He laughed and hit my side with his elbow. "Well see you tomorrow Sally. I gotta close up shop." I nodded in reply. "Okay see you tomorrow Kennith." He looked at me with a weird face. "Ugh don't call me that. I don't even like it when my mom calls me that." I laughed waving bye.
    "Just tell her Mariah!" I heard Niall say as I walked towards them. "Tell me what?" I say with a confused look on my face. Niall and Mariah both looking at each other with confusion. Niall opens his mouth to say something but the words don't come out. " see.." I look at them trying to get them to talk to me but nothing comes out "Look you two I don't know what your up to but please don't ruin this night for me." They nodded and smiled. "Lets get you home love." Niall said as we walked back to the house. Still a little confused about what Mariah and Niall were talking about I walked a little slower then them both. Walking behind them I look at how much affection they have for each other.
    "If I could have one wish for Christmas, I would wish for Ed and I to be together forever, I just want to be happy  with the one person I can trust." I said whispering to myself. One single tear fell from my eye. Before I could wipe it away Niall had seen it. "Sally are you okay?" Mariah then turned to look and see what was going on. "Sally what's the matter?" I looked up and smiled at Mariah and Niall. "Nothing I'm just happy for the both of you that's all. I mean your the cutest couple I've seen." Before Niall could say anything Mariah bursted out "WHAT!?!? Not even. We don't compare to you and Ed. You have this strong loving bond. Don't get me wrong Niall and I love each other exactly the way you and Ed do but its not as strong as yours. You two were made for each other."

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