The Birthday Wish


19. Chapter 18: Who's Kenny?

     Mariah walked back towards us. "What did I miss?" Niall and I look at her laughing historically  "Nothing princess we were just talking." Mariah smiled and shook her head "I swear you 2 could be partners in crime." Niall and I stood up back to back doing a Charlies Angels pose. Mariah took out her camera and took a picture  "There's a good memory." Niall and I laughed it off and headed towards the booth to get our skates. "What size?" The guy behind the counter asked. He sounded quite familiar "Um a size 7 and a half please."
    The guy turned from behind the counter. "Sally?" my eyes widen when I noticed who it was. "Kenny?!" I hadn't seen Kenny since elementary school. "What are you doing back home?" He smiled and laughed. "My parents and I moved back 2 weeks ago. How are you?" I smiled and giggled "I'm good just here with some friends." He looked at me "Hey isn't it your birthday today?" I nodded. " Then your skates and your friends skates are covered i'll get your money back right now. He jumped over the counter to talk to the guy in the both. 
    "Sally who is that?" Mariah asked. I looked at her "He was the first friend I ever had. He was always there for me." "I think he likes you!" Niall said nudging his elbow to mine. I laughed at the thought. "Don't be silly. We are just friends. And besides he cant like me we made a pact." (flashback) "Kenny lets make a pact." Kenny looked at me with a smile. "Okay." "We will never ever, ever, ever have feeling for each other. Promise?" "I promise Sally." He said as we intertwined our pinkies promising we would never have feelings for each other. (back to reality) "Here you go Sally." Kenny said handing me the money.
    I took the money handing it to Mariah. "Thanks a lot Kenny." I said as I smiled. He looked at me and we stood there in silence. "So we better get skating before it gets late." I turned and looked at Mariah  "Yeah. Well it was nice seeing you Kenny." I said walking away. "Hey Sally wanna get together and hang out?" My eyes widened I wasn't expecting that from him to ask me to hang out. "Um..Yea sure." "Okay how does tomorrow sound?" I thought about it and nothing came to mind. "Sounds good. See you tomorrow." I start to walk back towards Mariah and Niall. "Bye." Kenny yells as I walk away. Mariah and Niall walking behind me whispering.
    We started to skate and have fun. I would occasionally look at Kenny and smile. "Sally, What are you doing?" Niall said grabbing my arm as I was about to skate into a wall. "Thanks Niall." I said with a slanted smile. "Who are you looking at?" Mariah asked as she stood next to me. I looked down and finally said "Kenny." They looked at each other with worried looks "Why are you looking at him?" Mariah said looking at me and trying to push the guesses out of her mind. "Well Its been a while since I've seen him and I really miss him." I said looking at her as Niall's jaw dropped. "Are you saying you like him?" I look at them a little confused biting on my lip. Did I have feelings for Kenny even though we made the promise to never have feelings for each other?"No I just really miss the one person who used to be there for me no matter what."     

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